• <i><i>Terrie Velazquez-Owen on the set of Parks & Recreation</i></i>
  • <b><i>Get the Look: Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler)</b><br />
1. On damp hair, spray <a href='' target='_parent'>Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray</a> from roots to ends. <br />
2. Blow-dry with a medium natural bristle round brush. <br />
3. Curl the hair with a large-barrel curling iron.<br />
4. Finish with <a href='' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> throughout the roots and ends.</i>
  • <b><i>Get the Look: Ben Wyatt (played by Adam Scott)<br />
</b>1. Rough-dry the hair with your hands. Use a small round brush at the front for height.<br />
2. Apply <a href='' target='_parent'>Rough Luxury Molding Wax</a> on the tips of the hair with a twisting motion.<br />
3. Finish with <a href='' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> at the roots.</i>
  • <b><i>Get the Look: April Ludgate (played by Aubrey Plaza)<br />
</b>1. Apply <a href='' target='_parent'>Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil</a> on damp hair and let it air dry.<br />
2. For thickening and texture, spray <a href='' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> all over the hair.</i>
  • <b><i>Get the Look: Ann Perkins (played by Rashida Jones)<br />
</b>1. Apply <a href='' target='_parent'>Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil</a> on the ends of damp hair and rough-dry.<br />
2. Set the hair on extra-large heated rollers.<br />
3. Once the hair is set, finish the look with <a href='' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> and a small amount of <a href='' target='_parent'>Rough Luxury Molding Wax</a>.</i>

"Parks & Recreation"

To celebrate the premiere of Parks & Recreation’s final season on NBC, Hair Department Head Terrie Velazquez-Owen filled us in on how she got involved in hairstyling for television and film, her most memorable hair moment on set and how to create the looks of some of the show’s favorite characters.

How did you get into hairdressing and how long have you been doing hair for TV and movies?

I was always cutting my friends’ hair in high school during the ’80s punk movement and loved it. In those days, we were very experimental and DIY. When my best friend went to cosmetology school, I soon followed. I was working at a salon in Los Angeles and one of my clients offered me an opportunity to work on the Broadway show 42nd Street. The show was about 1930s starlets. I learned so much about wigs, period hairstyling, character work and quick changing an actor’s look backstage in a few moments in the dark! I did more theatre for a few years, then I was able to join the Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Union Local 706 and move into television and film jobs.

What was your inspiration for creating the looks for the Parks & Recreation cast?

The “mockumentary” style of the show was the initial inspiration when we shot the pilot episode. The creators of the show wanted me to give everyone very real hairstyles, like they just woke up and did their own hair. Also, it takes place in the Midwest in an office environment, so we weren’t concerned with being overly stylish.

Has any character had a dramatic hairstyle change over the past few seasons?

Everyone has certainly evolved over the seasons: taking better care of their hair with high-end hair products, getting the top quality hair extensions and good hair color maintenance. But I would say Donna Meagle (played by Retta) is the most changed character from the pilot episode and season one. At first, she had a really short wig that was very conservative (I lovingly called it “church lady hair”). Eventually, Donna started to wear a bob with bangs and then longer layered, sexy hair.

Do you have any memorable hair moments on set?

I thought Leslie Knope’s "half-perm" episode was pretty funny. The challenge for me was to come up with something that looked like she was running around with her hair half up in perm rods, and then she takes them out with half a curly head of hair when she has to speak at an important event. Since we shoot out of sequence, Leslie needed to be able to go back and forth from the perm rods and a curly look to her regular hair. So I took a wig and cut it in half and set it on perm rods. Then I attached that piece to one side of her head for when she had to quickly change over for the next scene.

On a funny note, our producers asked me if I wanted to play the hairdresser giving Leslie a perm, but I do not like being on camera! The Parks & Rec makeup artist did that scene instead.

What are your go-to Oribe products?

I love the Dry Texturizing Spray, Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray and Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. Those are my essentials!

What advice would you give to stylists interested in working in television or film?

I would suggest living in a big city like New York City and Los Angeles, or cities that have a lot of production work like New Orleans and Atlanta. You can also start at your local theater or an opera company with an apprenticeship to learn about character work, wigs and styling hair from different time periods. In the beginning of your career, work for cheap or free to get your foot in the door. But don't stay cheap!

What’s next for you?

I have been working with Halle Berry most recently on a television show called Extant. We begin the second season in February. Also, I just wrapped up a feature film this past November, which will be released next year.
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