"Oribe's Endless Summer"

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Oribe's latest hair innovation makes us a little nostalgic for the summer that was. Après Beach, the coiffing star's aptly named texturizing spray, simulates the kind of piecey waves reminiscent of those warm days spent in the sand and surf that are sadly behind us now. But while your short shorts and string bikinis will remain in storage for the next, oh, nine months, there's no reason why you can't still have beachy definition to go with the onslaught of sweaters, coats, and scarves that are about to take their place. Oribe has already proven himself to be just as adept at creating hugely efficacious products as wielding styling shears (his Signature Moisture Masque, a luster-restoring magic potion, is a personal favorite), and Après Beach is another winner; its big point of difference is that it has been formulated sans salt. The emollient-rich mist therefore manages to impart a shiny, tousled look without any of the sticky stiffness so many of its competitors - not to mention the ocean itself - can leave behind. No dreadlocked, mattified mess here, just soft, glistening separation that will not be bound by seasonal change.
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