"One Cut, Three Looks"

Hair by Anh C. Tran

Once Upon a Time star Ginnifer Goodwin made the rounds in Los Angeles in early March 2012, showing up for stylish appearances at the Chanel Oscars dinner, Paley Fest and a day of filming Good Day LA and Extra. Her hairstylist Anh C. Tran used Oribe Hair Care products to give her a different look for each event, demonstrating the versatility of her cropped ‘do. Here’s how to recreate each look:

Good Day LA / Extra
1. First, apply Maximista to moist hair to add some volume and hold the shape.
2. Blow dry with a small round brush to smooth out any curls or frizz. Don't make it too straight; leave a little bend.
3. Apply Rough Luxury with your hands to give separations and texture. Use a small amount at a time to accentuate the texture and piece
4. Finally, apply some Superfine to seal the deal. “This spray is great because it's not too heavy for Ginnifer's type of hair,” Tran says. “It has a really good hold, without being stiff.”
5. Throughout the day, touch up hair with Dry and Superfine.

Chanel Oscars dinner party
1. Apply Après Beach to moist hair to give it volume and body.
2. Blow dry the hair with a small round brush and give it little more a bend. Use a flat iron to bend the hair in different directions to give it movement.
3. Use Rough Luxury to piece out the hair.
4. Finish with Superfine.

Paley Fest
1. Spray Foundation Mist on damp hair to give it a nice sheen.
2. Rough dry the hair. When the hair is about 85 percent dry, apply Volumista for some shaping and complete the blow dry. This time, smooth it out for a straighter finish.
3. Run a flat iron over the hair to give it more polish.
4. Apply a little Rough Luxury all over to give it texture.
5. Finish with Superfine.

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