• Chromat Spring/Summer 2016. Photo by MATTE Projects
  • Jill Stuart Spring/Summer 2016. Photo by Julien Tell for MATTE Projects

Editorial Ponytail

Oribe Hair Care was behind the scenes at more than a dozen shows during New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016. Here, we give you a sneak peek of the on-trend looks to try this spring.

Our lead hairstylists used Oribe products backstage at Chromat and Jill Stuart to transform the everyday, go-to look into a runway-worthy style. Whether slicked back and sleek or relaxed and chic, the ponytail was one of the most versatile looks on the runway this season. Scroll through the slideshow above and read below to get the looks.

Chromat Hair by Amy Farid

The Chromat Spring/Summer 2016 collection, dubbed the Momentum Collection, was inspired by the idea that clothing, like architecture, should respond and adapt to the wearer. The diverse runway, with models of various sizes and ethnicities, was as well-received as the technologically-savvy pieces the brand created with Intel. The hair, created by Amy Farid using Oribe Hair Care, was the perfect complement to the architectural line.

  1. Prep hair with Run-Through Detangling Primer and blow-dry straight with a Mason Pearson brush.
  2. Brush hair back into a ponytail, using elastic cord to secure it in place. Once secure, use Foundation Mist and Gel Sérum to flatten. Then, spray with Shine Light Reflecting Spray for extra shine.
  3. Foundation Mist to hold the shape. Secure the square panel with a sewn in elastic cord, 2.5 inches below the ponytail.
  4. Use a flat iron to straighten ends, and finish with Shine Light Reflecting Spray.


Hair by James Pecis

Jill Stuart’s classic cool-girl silhouettes hit the Spring/Summer 2016 runway with a low-key yet unexpected look created by James Pecis using Oribe Hair Care. The inspiration behind the look was a deviation from the quintessential Jill Stuart hair, with a long and natural yet full low ponytail. When asked about the placement of the ponytail, James explained, “High ponytails are sportier, and low ponytails are cooler – like the Jill Stuart girl.” He continued that the simple and more casual look was the perfect complement to the bold eye makeup.

  1. Prep hair with Maximista Thickening Spray.
  2. Roughly blow-dry hair, then rub a small amount of Supershine Moisturizing Cream in the palms and twist it through the ends.
  3. Pull hair into a loose ponytail and secure with a single tie at the nape.
  4. Add subtle volume by loosening the ponytail, pulling hair away from the tie at the nape. Then, take a few pieces out to frame the face.
  5. Finish with Superfine Hair Spray for hold.


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