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  • Big Waves
  • Slicked-Back Updo

"New Beauty"

Vogue Russia, September 2013
Hair by Ramona Eschbach

Vogue Russia’s fall beauty editorial, stylist and Oribe Educator Ramona Eschbach created three different hairstyles to work with the multiple makeup trends featured in the story. The first look, a relaxed style with a heavy fringe, was “inspired by a cool girl haircut that is slightly rocker-y,” Ramona said. The second look, voluminous curls and waves, is “a bit sexier but still classic looking” while the third and final look, a slicked updo, is “more minimal and clean looking, which works for the close-up shot.” Read on to learn how to get each look.

Heavy Fringe:
1. Spray damp hair with Foundation Mist, followed by a bit of Après Beach and tousle dry to give the hair a natural, slightly rough finish.
2. For those without bangs, attach faux fringe to the top of head and cut to look natural. Tousle bangs for rocker vibe.

Big Waves:
1. Spray hair with Volumista and brush throughout.
2. Set hair with a one-inch curling iron, spraying each section with Imperméable before curling.
3. Once hair has set, undo curls and spray roots with a bit of Dry.
4. Backcomb hair at the roots for more volume and gently brush our curls to create loose waves.
5. Finish hair with more Imperméable.

Slicked-Back Updo:
1. Spray dry hair with Foundation Mist and brush hair back into a tight French twist.
2. Use Gel Sérum on the hairline to give a sleek, wet feel to the hair.
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