• <b>Parisian Chic at Theory</b><br />
<i>Theory Creative Director Olivier Theyskens’ Fall/Winter 2014 collection was filled with immaculately tailored separates in the chic, minimal style that we’ve come to expect from the brand. Lead stylist Paul Hanlon wanted to make sure the hair wouldn’t follow a similar neat style. “The clothes are so precise and tailored that we didn’t want the hair to be too perfect, otherwise it wouldn’t feel realistic for this woman,” Paul said. Instead, Paul took a cue from French actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg and created a tousled, lived-in look with a low left-side part for the models that epitomizes Parisian cool.  </i><br />
<br />
<b>Get the look: </b><br />
1. Starting with damp hair, create a low left center part with your fingers. Spray hair with <a href='/index.php/products/view/50' target='_parent'>Foundation Mist </a>from roots to ends. For very dry, coarse hair, run a little <a href='/index.php/products/view/1916' target='_parent'>Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil</a> through the ends for moisture. <br />
2. Apply a generous amount of <a href='/index.php/products/view/2227/curl-shaping-mousse/' target='_parent'>Curl Shaping Mousse</a> to hair section by section. 'What I love about Curl Shaping Mousse is that it has a lot of moisture in it, which is really key for this look. We put a lot of the mousse in the hair, more than you normally would, to give it a day-old, bedhead look,' Paul said. <br />
3. Rough-dry hair with your hands and a blowdryer. Once hair is dry, twist lengths into a loose knot and mist with <a href='/index.php/products/view/71/superfine-strong-hair-spray/award-winners:true' target='_parent'>Superfine Hair Spray</a>. Use a blowdryer to blast the knot with some heat, then finish with cool air to set. Undo the knot and shake out hair with your hands. 'You're looking to achieve a really undone texture, not too much of a curl. It should feel very random and very easy,' Paul said. <br />
4. Take a few strands of hair from the front and bring across the forehead. Use <a href='/index.php/products/view/71/superfine-strong-hair-spray/award-winners:true' target='_parent'>Superfine Strong Hair Spray</a> to set the hair in place across the forehead for a windswept effect.<br />
  • <b>’60s-Inspired Bouffant at Calla</b><br />
<i>The story behind the Calla Fall/Winter 2014 collection was a “chic Parisian girl who moves to Nashville,” said lead hairstylist Ramona Eschbach. Citing Dolly Parton as a major influence for the look, Ramona created a bouffant shape tied into a low curly ponytail with a deep part. </i><br />
<br />
<b>Get the look:</b><br />
1. Mist large sections of hair with <a href='/index.php/products/view/53/impermeable-anti-humidity-spray/' target='_parent'>Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray</a>, then curl with a large-barrel curling iron.<br />
2. Once entire head is curled, gently brush out hair with a Mason Pearson brush and create a low side part. Section out hair from the opposite side of the part all the way around the crown and clip out of the way. Gather remaining hair into a tight low ponytail. Hair to the side of the part should be pulled back flat to the head.<br />
3. For the top section, spray roots with <a href='/index.php/products/view/26/dry-texturizing-spray/' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> and back-comb at the crown. Back-comb the front section of hair to the head and arrange hair swooping over the ear. Gently gather all the hair to the back and add to the ponytail.<br />
4. Take a small amount of <a href='/index.php/products/view/1916' target='_parent'>Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil</a> and run through the ponytail to add smoothness and shine. Mist the crown and front section of hair with Imperméable for slight hold.<br />
  • <b>Slicked Back at David Hart</b><br />
<i>Lead stylist Kien Hoang created a sleek, ’60s-inspired look for menswear designer David Hart’s Fall/Winter collection inspired by the show “The Twilight Zone” and the static that appears on old television sets. </i><br />
<br />
<b>Get the look:</b><br />
1. Prep the hair with <a href='/index.php/products/view/50' target='_parent'>Foundation Mist </a>and create a deep side part.<br />
2. Use <a href='/index.php/products/view/48' target='_parent'>Crème for Style</a> and do a side-swept blowout. <a href='/index.php/products/view/48' target='_parent'>Crème for Style</a> will smooth down the hair, tame any unwanted flyaways and create a natural glow in the hair that’s not overly shiny.<br />
3. Spray <a href='/index.php/products/view/2229/thick-small-dry-finishing-spray-small/featured:1' target='_parent'>Thick Dry Finishing Spray</a> in the hair to create texture and thickness and <a href='/index.php/products/view/53/impermeable-anti-humidity-spray/' target='_parent'>Imperméable</a> to seal the look.<br />
  • <b>Sleek Blowout with a Matte Finish at Rebecca Taylor</b><br />
<i>To complement designer Rebecca Taylor’s tough yet ladylike clothes, hairstylist Rolando Beauchamp gave each model a sleek blowout with a matte finish and a height at the crown. Rolando roughed up the strands in the front of each model’s hair to grunge up the style even further, making it the perfect day-to-night look for this upcoming season. </i><br />
<br />
<b>Get the look:</b><br />
1. Starting with damp hair, create a center part. Mist hair on both sides of the part and crown with <a href='/index.php/products/view/55/maximista/award-winners:true' target='_parent'>Maximista Thickening Spray</a>.<br />
2. Apply<a href='/index.php/products/view/2228/surfcomber-small-tousled-texture-mousse-small/featured:1' target='_parent'> Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse</a> to hair section by section and blow dry with a Mason Pearson Brush. 'Surfcomber is going to give the blowout a nice matte finish and with a little hold,' Rolando said.<br />
3. Blow-dry hair flat around the front of the face. For the crown section, overdirect hair at the root to create lift and volume. 'The height should come from just the crown to keep the look modern,' Rolando said.<br />
4. Once hair is dry, rough up the ends in the front pieces that frame the face with your fingers to create piecyness. Spray front section with <a href='/index.php/products/view/53/impermeable-anti-humidity-spray/' target='_parent'>Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray</a> to hold the look.
  • <b>Textured Ponytail at Mathieu Mirano</b><br />
<i>Designer Mathieu Mirano has established himself as a womenswear designer with a keen eye for sophistication and glamour. Hairstylist Rita Marmor created a low ponytail with lots of natural texture paired with a sleek, polished front for Mirano’s second collection that epitomizes elegance with an edge. </i><br />
<br />
<b>Get the look:</b><br />
1. Part hair down the middle, then mist with <a href='/index.php/products/view/55/maximista/award-winners:true' target='_parent'>Maximista Thickening Spray</a> from roots to mid-lengths. Dry product into hair with a Mason Pearson brush. <br />
2. Once hair is dry, use <a href='/index.php/products/view/70/superfine-hair-spray/award-winners:true' target='_parent'>Superfine Hair Spray</a> and a comb to gather hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Tie hair with an elastic bungee. <br />
3. Run a little <a href='/index.php/products/view/2228/surfcomber-small-tousled-texture-mousse-small/featured:1' target='_parent'>Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse</a> through the lengths of the hair and blow-dry. Mist the ponytail with <a href='/index.php/products/view/26/dry-texturizing-spray/' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> to break up the strands and give it some texture. <br />
4. Finish the look by smoothing a very small amount of<a href='/index.php/products/view/1916' target='_parent'> Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil</a> on the front for shine.
  • <b>Bedhead at Houghton</b><br />
<i>The soft, textured waves created by stylist Adam Markarian for Houghton’s Fall/Winter 2014 presentation are chic, effortless and perfect for any fall ensemble. “The idea was a girl who went out the night before and has gone to bed with full hair and makeup,” said Markarian. “It’s bedhead, lived-in, day-after hair.”<br />
</i><br />
<b>Get the look:</b><br />
1. Saturate dry hair with <a href='/index.php/products/view/50' target='_parent'>Foundation Mist </a>section by section, using hands to work in the product. “You need to build a nice layer of product to even out the porosity of the hair,” Adam said. “This will help us get the final look we want to achieve.”<br />
2. Mist hair with <a href='/index.php/products/view/55/maximista/award-winners:true' target='_parent'>Maximista Thickening Spray</a> from lengths to ends. Blow-dry using a Mason Pearson to straighten out the texture. Create a messy center part. <br />
3. Starting around the hairline and working your way to the center back of the head, take random sections of hair and mist with <a href='/index.php/products/view/68/soft-lacquer-heat-styling-spray/related:51' target='_parent'>Soft Lacquer Heat Styling Spray</a> from roots to almost ends. Using a curling iron, create an S-wave down the hair shaft, leaving the ends out. Start the wave by placing the iron on top of the section first so that the root lays flat to the head. Work your way down the hair, alternating the direction of the iron to create the S-shaped wave. Waves on the right side of the head should be directed to the left and back, and waves on the left should be directed to the right and back so the hair ends up hugging the head. <br />
4. Gently brush out waves with hands and a blowdryer, using the pressure from the air to slightly break up the pattern of the curls. Tilt head to sides to help break up hair at the root. <br />
5. Finish hair by spraying roots with <a href='/index.php/products/view/26/dry-texturizing-spray/' target='_parent'>Dry Texturizing Spray</a> for added volume. Spray lengths with <a href='/index.php/products/view/26/dry-texturizing-spray/' target='_parent'>Dry</a> or <a href='/index.php/products/view/1473/apres-beach/' target='_parent'>Après Beach Wave & Shine Spray</a>, depending on hair texture.<br />

Fall Preview

With Labor Day behind us, we’re ready to start counting down to the official start of fall. You don’t have to wait until the autumnal equinox on September 22 to break out of your summer hair routine, though. We’re taking a look back at a few of our favorite hairstyles from the Fall/Winter 2014 shows at New York Fashion Week to inspire you this upcoming season. Scroll through the slideshow above to see our picks and the step-by-step guides to help you up the ante on your fall beauty game.

Don’t forget to check back this week for all of our Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 coverage!
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