Masha Ma

Hair by Rudi Lewis for Oribe Hair Care

The Masha Ma Spring 2014 collection featured classic silhouettes with modern twists and textures, which lead hairstylist Rudi Lewis aimed to emulate in the hair. “I wanted the hair to look vacuum-packed, as if the girls had been underwater and just emerged at the surface,” he said. “It was important that all the little kinks and movements were still in the hair, but they were pressed completely flat to the skull and looked wet. Then, for the ponytail, I wanted it to look pretty much like it would if it had been flowing underwater…a very exaggerated version of a ponytail, but with a floaty dry texture.”

Get the look:
1. Create a rough side parting, then apply a generous amount of Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse over the surface, using only the palm of your hands (no brush). This will give a messy wet look.
2. Use your hands to sculpt the hair tightly to head and pull it into a low ponytail below the occipital.
3. Once the pony is securely tied, back-brush the roots of the pony and spray with Soft Lacquer. Working vertically, press the back-brushed root of pony with a flat iron until the hair is stiff. Mist with Superfine.
4. Go through the ends of pony with a curling iron and some Après Beach to create movement.
5. Apply Gel Sérum with a large soft brush over the whole top and front of the head to create a glazed look.
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