Marilyn Forever

Elle Germany, October 2015
Hair by Louis Angelo

Hairstylist Louis Angelo immersed himself in ’50s Marilyn Monroe in order to recreate her soft coveted curls for Elle Germany’s “Marilyn Forever” feature. With waves in the front and curls skipping down the back, Louis describes the look as sexy, rumpled and undone. “The shoot focused on Marilyn seeking privacy and normalcy away from her consuming fame,” said Louis. “I wanted to make sure the hair had an undone, organized chaos feel, which further established the fact that she is alone and seeking isolation. It’s Marilyn, pure and simple.”

Get the Look:

For this look, Louis used a human-hair wig that he bleached platinum.

  1. Prep wig using Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color.
  2. Mist Run-Through Detangling Primer from roots to ends and comb through.
  3. Cut 4-inch, 90-degree angled layers into the wig to achieve a basic ’50s shape. Bob off the ends.
  4. Apply Gel Sérum and Supershine Moisturizing Cream—two parts gel to one part cream—to damp hair for soft texture, memory and hold.
  5. Using a 1 ½-inch round brush, blow dry the hair section by section in the direction of the anticipated curl. Set each section in a pin curl.
  6. Go over each pin curl individually with a 1 ½-inch curling iron (refrain from using a wand). After curling, immediately wrap the curl in a pink sponge roller for maximum hold and memory.
  7. Let hair sit in the rollers for one hour. Remove rollers, brush out the set and spot tease and style into place using Superfine Hair Spray.
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