Marcia Patmos

Eco-friendly fashion has come a long way in the last few years. Gone are the days of itchy hemp fabrics and unflattering cuts, as more and more designers aim to provide conscious consumers with fashionable everyday clothing options. To celebrate Earth Month, we decided to talk to a few of our favorite eco-friendly designers to learn how they stay “green” and support the earth while creating beautiful designs. First up is designer Marcia Patmos of M.PATMOS.

Designer Marcia Patmos has sustainable fashion figured out. Skillfully combining modern design with environmentally conscious practices, Marcia’s luxury line of eco-friendly designs for M.PATMOS are some of the most stylish offerings available for the green-fashion shopper. Inspired by art, architecture and design, Marcia’s collections have garnered many accolades from the fashion industry, including the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award in 2011. We talked to Marcia about her latest spring designs and how she incorporates eco-friendly practices in her line and in her everyday life.

What does “green” fashion mean to you as a designer?

It means trying to incorporate sustainable practices into life and work. I always try to design things that will be loved for years. I am always on the lookout for new eco-friendly techniques, fabrics, yarns and so forth.

What practices have you incorporated into the production of your clothes that make M.PATMOS environmentally conscious?

Organic fibers, zero-waste technology, hand-knitting and hand-crocheting using no electricity, as well as working with artisan women from various collectives around the world, including those in Bolivia, Uruguay and various African countries.

How would you describe the M.PATMOS customer?

A chic and busy urban woman who always wants to feel effortless and comfortable

What was the inspiration for your Spring 2013 collection? What are your favorite pieces from this collection?

The inspiration was textile designers of the Bauhaus who were creating revolutionary work back then. This was the first time that traditional crafts and mass production technology were merging with design, and it still looks modern now. It was also a groundbreaking time because it was the first time that women were accepted in creating newness.

My favorite piece is the Lyonel Crew. It’s a super-soft pullover with modern graphic open stitch work. It comes in clean white or two really pretty spring shades of nude and water. It is made of organic cotton or bamboo, depending on the color, and is knit using seamless, zero-waste technology.

How do you incorporate eco-friendly practices into your day-to-day life?

I take the subway, bike, recycle, eat organically, support local farms and farmer's markets and I’m not afraid to buy vintage.

How do you think the perception of eco-friendly fashion has changed in the industry since you’ve been a designer?

It is possible to be non-hempy now!
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