Madison Salon

Located in Newport Beach, CA, Madison Salon is comfortably cool and attitude-free. Owner (and Oribe educator) Louis Orozco—who was recently named one of the top platform artists in the country by Be! magazine—had the salon custom-built from the ground up when he bought the building seven years ago. Oh, and did we mention he lives upstairs?

How would you describe your salon’s design?

Modern, yet timeless; sleek, yet comfortable.

How did you come up with your vision for the space?

I took a trip to Tokyo right before I went in to design mode and spent days looking at all types of stores and salons. Space there is limited, and most salons were all white and had large mirrors and open windows. It made stores appear much larger than they actually were. This was perfect for my salon downstairs.

What’s your favorite part of the salon?

The whole front of the building is glass and opens up completely. Since we are blessed with beautiful weather in southern California, we almost always work with salon totally open. This gives clients and hairdressers a feeling of being outside in open air. My other favorite part is the commute: walking down the stairs. Not a bad deal!

Any plans to renovate the salon?

Sometimes I get the itch to change it up, but my team has been fantastic at keeping the salon pristine. The lacquer white floors are still beautiful white :-)

Other than the physical design of the space, how do you create your desired atmosphere in the salon?

It starts with hiring a great staff. The passion and kindness they have truly sets the tone and mood.

What are customers’ first reactions when they enter your salon?

At times I forget how special and unique the space is, and I get great pleasure when someone walks in for first time and I can see that they are genuinely wowed by what they see and feel.
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