Lyfe Silva

As a dancer, holistic healer and mother, Lyfe Silva has an intense sense of spirituality that carries through her fashion and beauty choices. Her unique look comes from her parents’ Indian, Portuguese, African American and Caucasian heritage. After years without hair, Lyfe is experimenting with different styles that stay true to her lifestyle, personality and essense.

How would you describe your hair?

I would describe my hair as “new lyfe.” Shortly before having my child, I made the decision to allow my hair to grow and see it through. Coming off of almost four years of having no hair, it was an adjustment! So it’s a new lyfe for me having hair…and maintaining its upkeep.

How does your hair complement your style?

While my hair does not define my personal expression, it certainly enhances it. Every day I make a conscious effort to honor my promise to allow it to grow; however, there are days that I am a few seconds away from cutting it off and being one with the wind. It definitely enhances my aesthetic and brings an element of nature, funk and jazz to my being. I’m often told that my curls resemble snakes, and I def channel Medusa—she’s hot!

What era(s) do you look to for hair inspiration?

I’m currently channeling the ‘50s pin-up look: a classic American updo. The current length of my hair is perfect for those barrel curls and tight rolls! I’m enjoying executing these different genres with a natural spin. When my locks get longer, I look forward to creating works of art with them. But for now I’m enjoying the elegance of a pin-up…it’s very telling of where I am in my journey!

Tell us about the head wraps you wear. How many do you own? How do you use them to make a style statement?

My head wraps mean a lot to me. They protect my hair from unloving energy and serve as a tool to decorate my head when my hair is unavailable for the task. My hair is spiritual to me, so when I’m wrapping my hair, it is to protect my in-ergy! I have at least 30 head wraps, and I use anything to create them, including beautiful materials or scarves…I’m indiscriminate when it comes to that! I just put a silk one directly on my hair and then the decorative one on top.

*Video courtesy of Stylelikeu
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