• LUZ Collections founders Virginie Courtin-Clarins and Claire Mougenot
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LUZ Collections

When Virginie Courtin-Clarins and Claire Mougenot noticed a lack of options for beachwear that was both chic and environmentally conscious, they decided to create a swimwear line that allowed women to look good and feel good. LUZ swimwear utilizes only organically produced cotton to create a stunning array of swimsuits and cover-ups. We chatted with Virginie and Claire, who told us more about their emerging eco-swim line.

Why did you decide to make an eco-friendly swimwear line?

We wanted to reconcile organic and fashion. As customers, we were looking for a brand that would propose such a mix, and because we never found one that was glamorous, feminine, trendy and eco-conscious at the same time, we decided we would create one on our own!

LUZ Collections products are made using only organic cotton sourced from Lima, Peru. We use organic ways of dying the fabrics and we produce in South American workshops that respect fair trade rules.

What was the inspiration for your 2013 collection?

For the 2013 collection, we wanted happiness, so we decided to go for bright colors. We also wanted to be very original in the cut, so we have developed unique pieces to satisfy every woman. This year we are launching our first beachwear collection made of long and short dresses, skirts and jumpsuits. The whole collection is inspired by strong women and bohemian style and the result is sporty chic.

What is your favorite swimwear style from the collection?

Our absolute favorite piece from the collection is the one-piece swimsuit called CESAR in green and orange. The cut is really unique…it makes your body look amazing and it's really eye-catching!

In addition to a LUZ swimsuit, what are your other necessities for a day at the beach?

You must have a great LUZ beachwear piece, like the BILLIE jumpsuit with a back décolleté, and it's important to have great sun protection.

What’s the best way to wear your hair in one of your swimsuits?

We love natural looks, so we think the best way to look hot in your swimsuits is to have your hair down with natural waves. You can maybe add a Tiaré flower on your ear to look romantic, too.

How do you incorporate eco-friendly practices into your day-to-day life?

We try to be as eco-friendly as possible in our daily life. We recycle, we take showers instead of baths and we use eco-friendly products.

What do you see in the future for LUZ?

We hope LUZ collections will become the biggest eco-friendly brand to offer the complete beachwear experience. We want to extend our brand to men, kids and all beach accessories.
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