"Secrets to Supermodel Hair"

Miami uber-stylist Oribe is just famous for full-on, unbelievably sexy hair. At the launch of his excellent new line, we got his all-time best tips:

For Big, Loose Curls: Velcro Rollers
Start by working volumizer into wet hair, then systematically blow-dry three-inch sections with a round brush. When each section is dry, put in the roller; move on to the next section. Leave in until the rollers are completely cool, then gently tug them out and run your fingers through.

For sexy volume: Backcomb + Hairspray
Starting with smooth, dry hair, tease the hair at the crown of your head to create height. Make sure to do the sides as well as the center (to avoid ending up with a cone). Spray with extra-fine hairspray; once it's set, scrunch up the ends of your hair to mess everything up a little--you don't want it too perfect.
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