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Oribe Director of Packaging Jennifer Smith is not only a genius when it comes to sourcing and perfecting the award-winning bottles and tubes that house your favorite Oribe formulas, she’s also one of the most organized and well-prepared people we know. Since we always go to Jenn for advice within the office, we wanted to share her tips for a beautiful routine with everyone. Read her ideas below and scroll through the slideshow above for more ideas on keeping your beauty products in order at home.

Stay Protected.

Keep small tubes of sunscreen in your purse, car, beach bag, medicine cabinet and makeup bag, so you are always prepared to greet the sun. Throw out sunscreen that is more than a year old. I always buy new UV protectants for face, body, lips and hair on the first day of spring. It makes me look forward to the warmer seasons and ensures that I have fresh, effective products in my sun protection arsenal.

Know Your Wash Cycle.

Clean your makeup brushes once per month with Ultra Gentle Shampoo when in the shower. No conditioner needed! Wash your makeup bag on the cold delicate cycle every six months. Wipe down your heat styling tools monthly.

Recycle for Storage.

Wrap empty shoe boxes in pretty paper and use for under sink storage. Repurpose beautiful gift packaging to store extras personal care items in closets or under the bed.

Embrace Space Savers.

Use the inside of your cabinet doors for extra makeup space. Acrylic holders and double-sided tape works wonders.

Show Off a Bit.

There are some perfume bottles, skin care jars or aerosol cans that are just too pretty to hide away in a drawer. Instead, use a tray (or repurpose a picture frame) and display all of your best items for everyone to see.
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