Lisa Myers

When she fell in love with champion surfer Mikey DeTemple, city girl Lisa Myers had to learn to mix her Manhattan ways with a more laid-back beach lifestyle and look. Myers, a sales associate at Stella McCartney, now splits her time between New York City, where high heels and strong blazers define her professional life, and Montauk, where she’s learning how to kick off her shoes and just enjoy some time in the sand with her boyfriend.

How long have you been a blonde? Why platinum?

Since I can remember, I've been going to the hair salon to get highlights with my mom. I specially recall my stylist telling me not to go too blonde because if I did I'd look "trashy." So, for years I'd do the piece-y, natural highlights, then slowly moved into thick "painting." I started going blonder and blonder and became totally smitten with women who could own this beigey white hair with fair skin. About a year ago, I couldn't take sitting in a chair for four hours and was convinced to go for the all-over double process—and will never look back! I love the dramatic fake blonde hair...

How do you change up your hair look when you go from Manhattan to Montauk?

Going from the city to Montauk is easy—you don't have to do too much. Montauk doesn't expect that much from you like Manhattan does. Haha. From Montauk to the city is a different story… If I still have salty hair from the ocean, I throw it up with a tight bun and red lipstick and I’m all set!

Do you appreciate good surfer hair?

I live for it! I'm not in the sun or water as much as Mikey—or as much as I’d like— but I'll do anything to fake it!

What are some tips for going from the beach to the bar/restaurant?

My favorite one is right out of the water: Put all of your hair in a side braid and when it’s completely dry, let it out. Give it a good shake then flip and BOOM! So effortlessly chic, and waves for days...on your hair that is!

*Video courtesy of Stylelikeu
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