"Lily Aldridge at the Met Gala"

Brent Lawler wanted to create the illusion of a Mohawk for Lily Aldridge’s Met Gala style. To further enhance the punk aspect of the look, Lawler also added orange and red hair into the braid for a pop of color.

Get the Look:

1. Prep hair with Volumista and blow dry hair in sections for straight locks with body.
2. Section out a wide strip at the top of the head and stop two inches below the crown – there is where you’ll create the “Mohawk.” Spray that section with Foundation Mist to give it a little slip. Braid the section from the front of the head to the crown.
3. Place pieces of orange and red hair into the braid from the crown down. Once you’re finished braiding, tie the ends with an elastic and create a loop so that the colorful ends spray out of the braid.
4. Finish with Superfine.
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