"Like Crazy"

Hair by Marcus Francis

Celebrity stylist Marcus Francis, whose client list includes Michelle Williams and Bryce Dallas, created a strong yet subtle Arthurian fishtail braid for up-and-coming star Felicity Jones at the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, Like Crazy. “Lately I’ve seen images from medieval times that show how detail is a key ingredient to all of their looks,” says Francis, who found inspiration in the armor-like feel of Jones’ gold dress. “Felicity’s hairstyle demonstrates that when you take an unconventional approach and slightly undo the hair, you can give balance to something asymmetrical and soften a structured look.”

Get the Look:

1. Start with hair that was shampooed the day before. Mist a lightweight beach wave spray throughout the hair and scrunch with your hands as you run a blow-dryer over it.

2. Wrap medium-size sections of hair around a double-barrel iron, leaving out the ends. Shake out large sections of the curls to loosen them and apply a good amount of Dry Texturizing Spray throughout the hair.

3. Gather locks on one side, leaving out substantial face-framing layers on the opposite side. Split into two large sections and begin to fishtail braid the hair. A fishtail braid is created by repeatedly taking small pieces from one section and crossing them over to the other section. Braid the hair to the ends and tie with an elastic.

4. Loosen the braid by gently pulling apart each side to add width and bring out the flyaways.
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