Hair by Amy Farid

The Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Kempner played with the idea of contrast, with shiny cocktail dresses against trench coats made from matte materials and exposed skin from python-printed haltered crop tops worn with a full-length silk jumpsuit. Inspired by Meggie and Chris Kempner, the brother and sister behind the brand, key hairstylist Amy Farid started her look with two parts at the center of the hairline, shaping the top of head’s hair into a deep-V. “We wanted to create a look that embodied both femininity and masculinity,” explained Farid.

Get the Look:
1. Create two parts for a deep-V shape. Prep the hair with Foundation Mist and Volumista Mist for Volume and blow-dry the hair straight with a Mason Pearson brush.
2. Spray the hair on the sides of the head down with Superfine Hair Spray.
3. At the crown of the head, pin the hair from the back of the V-part to secure a base. Then use more hairpins to “sew in the hair,” interlocking them horizontally.
4. Finish the look with a generous spritz of Superfine Hair Spray.
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