Hair by Duffy for Oribe Hair Care

“The inspiration for me is really an independent, strong woman,” said Duffy, lead stylist for Oribe Hair Care, backstage at the Joie Fall/Winter 2013 presentation. “The clothes are really a collection of stand-alone outfits, so it was important that the woman wearing the clothes also portrays that. She must transcend the trends within the collection.” With that type of woman in mind, Duffy sought to create a hairstyle that could be easily achieved on one’s own. Of course, the style also had some signature Duffy elements, including balance between masculine and feminine as well as contrasting textures that took the updo from simple to exceptional.

How to achieve this look:
1. Saturate hair with Volumista from roots to mid-lengths.
2. Blowdry the product into the hair, lifting at the root for volume around the entire head.
3. Take a fine-tooth comb in one hand and a bottle of Superfine in the other. Spray hairline with Superfine while simultaneously combing hair upwards towards the center of the head, creating a square shape in front. [Note from Duffy: The front of this style should look reminiscent of a ‘50s quiff.]
4. Take a wide-tooth comb and rake comb marks into the front and sides of the hair.
5. Spray front and sides of hair with Maximista, then diffuse product into the hairline with a blowdryer to set hair into place.
6. Gather the rest of the hair together and tie into a loose ponytail at the occipital bone.
7. Twist the hair from the ponytail into a bun and secure with pins.
8. Refine the shape in the front with fingers and set the look with Superfine.
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