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  • <i>Jane and Florence in Amsterdam<br />
Photography by Taylor Jewell</i>
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Photography by Taylor Jewell</i>
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  • <i><i>Spring/Summer 2015 denim designs by (from left to right) Chloé, Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and MM6</i></i>
Nov 14, 2014

Jean Stories

Growing up in California, Jane Herman Bishop (Los Angeles) and Florence Kane (San Diego) wore denim almost every day. But the two didn’t realize their shared love for jeans until they worked together as fashion writers for Vogue. In 2013, they founded Jean Stories, a website mixed with editorial and e-commerce that focuses on the emotional connection people have with their favorite pieces of denim. “We don't get too technical. We don't over-think it. We like to keep it personal and aspirational,” said Herman Bishop. “No other item in our closets tell stories about the way we live and work and dress like our jeans. You can really learn a lot about someone by asking them about their most-loved pair.” We asked Herman Bishop and Kane about their own jean stories, the denim pieces on their wish list and what up-and-coming jean brands we should know about.

What's your most memorable jean story?

Jane: Watching the artist Rob Pruitt spray paint a pair of J Brand jeans on his studio assistant in his Gowanus studio. It was amazing to watch him work. He was wearing Levi's. I was wearing Frame Le High Straight jeans and my new favorite jean jacket from NSF.
Florence: My most recent is riding a bike through Amsterdam in a pair of patched-by-hand heirloom jeans.

What's your favorite iconic denim moment in history?

Florence: All of the supermodels photographed by Peter Lindbergh for the cover of the January 1990 British Vogue.
Jane: Bruce Springsteen on the cover of Born in the USA.

What piece of denim do you always find yourself wearing?

Jane: My Levi's Orange Tab Trucker Jacket or my NSF jean jacket. There's usually a jean jacket near me at all times.
Florence: My husband's Lee jean jacket that he had when he was a boy. It still has the pins and patches he collected as a kid.

What piece of denim do you still wish to own?

Jane: The Chipie jean jacket that my dad bought for me in Paris when I was a young girl. It would be really small on me today, but probably pretty cute.
Florence: An oversized denim jacket. All the ones I have are more fitted. I’m looking for the perfect looser silhouette.

What's most important when it comes to finding a great pair of jeans?

Jane and Florence: That you feel good in them!

Denim has become less considered a casual piece of clothing and more likely added to a polished outfit. Do you see denim making an acceptable appearance on the red carpet one day?

Florence: Denim has already made an acceptable red-carpet appearance! Jenna Lyons at the Met. But perhaps only she could pull it off.

Tell us your best denim-on-denim outfit, and how would you wear your hair with it.

Florence: A lightwash chambray shirt (right now I love Ayr) with dark bootcut jeans (Mother's The Runaway), hair down, no blowout—just a bit of hair oil in it when it's wet and then air-dried.
Jane: The look I wore to shoot Rob Pruitt at his studio: Frame Le High Straight jeans and my NSF jacket. I wear my hair in a neat ponytail, pulled back, with some volume on top, like Carolina Herrera. She is my ponytail style icon.

What's your beauty routine?

Florence: I wash my hair every two days and use dry shampoo, if needed, in between. I also apply a hair mask every couple of weeks. I don't wear a lot of makeup—mascara, under eye concealer, a bit of blush and some moisturizing ointment on my lips. Clean skin is key!
Jane: I wash my hair every two days, calm it after washing with a few drops of hair oil and pull it back into a ponytail, bun or braid. I am growing my hair out at the moment—it's the longest it's been in more than a decade right now—and I love having it off my face. Braiding is especially fun; sometimes I do a French braid, other times I pull it into a tiny, messier one at my neck. On my face: SPF 30 every day, gold eyeliner under my eyes and glossy black mascara. Natural and hydrated is the look I like.

What are some denim trends you're excited to wear for next spring?

Jane: ’70s-style flares and bootcuts, denim skirts (like those we saw at Stella McCartney and Chloé), dark denim (à la Louis Vuitton), and Japanese-inspired rip and repairs, specifically those that incorporate traditional indigo-dyed textiles like boro and shibori, as seen at Madewell, MM6 and Citizens of Humanity.
Florence: Anything with a frayed hem (it's everywhere!) and ’70s-style embroidered denim, like at Anna Sui.

Any up-and-coming denim brands we should know about?

Jane: Yes! AMO and Made Gold are two new brands coming out next spring that we love. AMO is vintage-inspired and Made Gold is sportier—so cool.

When you're not working on Jean Stories, what do you like to do?

Florence: Watch Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch on Netflix.
Jane: Cook at home with my husband. We love having people over for dinner and try to entertain at least once a week.

Anything exciting coming up with Jean Stories that you'd like to share?

Jane and Florence: Our collaboration with Clare Vivier! We did a capsule collection for holiday with her.
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