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When you walk through your favorite store, with the beautiful garments hanging and handbags perfectly placed, do you ever stop to wonder how they got there? While the talent of the designer is not to be dismissed, the real gatekeeper in the fashion industry is the buyer. No matter how great a collection is, the buyer has to believe it will sell. He or she decides what your fashion selections will be each season. Vice President of Scoop NYC Women, Heidi Hoelzer, is one such gatekeeper—and one of the top ones at that. With locations across the country, Scoop NYC caters to the fashion-forward set. If you’ve ever been in a Scoop store, you know about the “handbag wall," a shrine to the purse where each clutch, bag or satchel is meticulously perched. Heidi shares with us what’s on the wall, what’s next for the wall and which bags she’s currently coveting. – Ann Brady

Scoop is known to always be on trend. What style of handbag do you expect to be big this summer? Fall?

For summer bags, there’s no shortage of fun beach totes for a casual day and minaudieres for night events. Color blocking and totes are also quite the trend. As far as what to look for this fall: luxe exotics and fur. Bold colors continue to be hot across all shapes and sizes.

With so many designs out there, how do you narrow down which bags to carry at your stores?

It is not easy. It’s always a guess, but an educated one since I have been doing this for a while. It’s a combination of what I feel the buzz/trend of the season is, coupled with what I think our Scoop girl would like. I always have to put myself in her shoes…that’s the tricky part!

That sounds tricky! Who is the Scoop girl?

The sweet spot is 25 to 35 years old. She is always looking for great wardrobe pieces— never too trendy—and has an effortless look about her.

Handbags are becoming more of a focal point of a look instead of just an accessory. What kind of bag do you like to dress around?

I am actually a huge fan of a crossbody/messenger. I like having my hands free in this crazy city!

There are so many iconic bags. Is there one you covet?

This is a tough one. If I have to pick, it would be the Givenchy Pandora bag.

How many bags do you own (be honest)?

That is a great question…I’m honestly not even sure. I have a tendency to share with my friends and family, so I have lost count. (Not going to lie, my sharing is really just to make room for new bags!)

As you mentioned, mini bags are in right now. The 'minaudiere' can only fit so much. What would you be sure to have in it?

My staples: phone, credit card, gloss and keys.

Lastly, give us the goods: What bag are you scooping up for Summer? Fall?

I am loving our Massimo Palomba white woven-leather bag for Spring, and the Chloé “Charlie Brown” bag for Pre-fall. Oh! And the Alexander Wang grey tote for fall, too—it is perfect for work!
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