• <b><i>Jean Harlow (1930s) </b><br />
“Before there was Marilyn Monroe there was Jean Harlow. She was the original ‘Platinum Blonde.’ Her look was very strong; she styled her bright and bleached hair into full waves.”– Kien Hoang</i>
  • <b><i>Mae West (1930s)</b><br />
“She redefined the early century ‘Hollywood Blonde’ because she wasn’t an innocent, doe-eyed ingénue. She was bold and sexy with the gift of incredible comic timing. Her platinum tresses only emphasized this rare and powerful combination.” – Adam Livermore</i>
  • <b><i>Marilyn Monroe (1950s)</b><br />
“Marilyn was the epitome of the blondes. Her ash blonde was stunning and had shine and sex appeal. I loved that she had short hair and didn’t wear a part. Whether it was combed out or a bouffant, her hair was set in ways that were just perfect for her.”– Christian Ceja-Compin</i>
  • <b><i>Grace Kelly (1950s)</b><br />
 “Grace’s blonde made her the muse to Alfred Hitchcock. He was fascinated by the way her hair looked on film. She had a real sense of elegance in how she wore her hair. It was done but not overdone, and her natural color was a beautiful cross between cool and warm tones.”– Christian</i>
  • <b><i>Brigitte Bardot (1950s/1960s)</b><br />
“So many hairdressers use Brigitte Bardot daily as a reference, especially for bangs and variations of an ombre. Brigitte always had a bit of dark root with her blonde, which softly framed her face and never look over-styled.”– Coby Alcantar</i>
  • <b><i>Peter O’Toole (1962)</b><br />
“As the lead in Lawrence of Arabia, Peter was made into a blonde, and it was a huge transformation. Plus, not many actors during that time had blonde hair. Peter’s bright blue eyes with his sun-bleached hair were a new type of Hollywood handsome.”– Adam</i>
  • <b><i>Edie Sedgwick (1960s)</b><br />
“Edie is an iconic image for hair. Her blonde hairstyle was graphic and mod, portraying the ’60s era. She was like a gritty, New York version of Twiggy.”– Coby</i>
  • <b><i>Jerry Hall (1970s)</b><br />
“In the ’70s, long hair was the fashion, and Jerry was a gorgeous natural blonde whose hair was so long and full. It was a part of her trademark. You can’t think of her without thinking of her lush hair!”– Coby</i>
  • <b><i>Farrah Fawcett (1970s) </b><br />
“Farrah had a huge impact, especially in salons. Everybody was talking about her and wanted her blonde highlights, short layers and volume. She was a really big deal.”– Ronnie Stam</i>
  • <b><i>Blondie/Debbie Harry (1970s/1980s)</b><br />
“I love Blondie. I love her platinum blonde because it was an undone, rebellious blonde but still very sensual and sexy. With her dark, outgrown roots and natural texture, her blonde was punk but soft.”– Kien</i>
  • <b><i>Billy Idol (1970s/1980s) </b><br />
“Billy Idol was a rock ’n’ roll blonde with bleached hair that was spiked out. He made being blonde like a rebellion.”– Kien</i>
  • <b><i>Claudia Schiffer (1990s)</b><br />
“As the Guess Jeans girl, Claudia was an extension of Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren. She was a happy blonde and, at that time, she was the only iconic blonde supermodel.” – Ronnie</i>
  • <b><i>Sarah Jessica Parker (Early 2000s)</b><br />
“When Sarah Jessica Parker played Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City, you saw her hair at every length, texture, shade—but always golden blonde. The one and only time she went dark was when she was heartbroken. But when she was healing, and, as she put it, ‘becoming myself again,’ she gradually got blonder. That blonde hair represented a sexy, happy, carefree, stylish New York woman at her best.”– Adam</i>
  • <b><i>Justin Timberlake (2002)</b><br />
“When Justin Timberlake went solo, he went from crunchy, bleached hair to his natural dark blonde. Suddenly, he was a huge star and transformed from teen idol to sex symbol. For men who are naturally dark blonde, a little brightening is all you need to make that blonde more confident.”– Adam</i>
  • <b><i>Simon Baker (Today)</b><br />
“Simon Baker’s blonde gives him a sophisticated, slightly aristocratic, looks. His hair is never overly styled, so it’s a different, almost enigmatic feel.”– Adam</i>
  • <b><i>Madonna (1980s-Today)</b><br />
“I grew up with Madonna’s ever-changing look and style. She has been pretty much every type and tone of blonde: sun-kissed, wheaty, ashy, bleached. But nothing ever looked dry or damaging. Her blonde was always shiny, textured, organic and perfectly coiffed. If you look at any image of her, the blonde ones stand out the most.”– Christian</i>
  • <b><i>Miley Cyrus (Today) </b><br />
“Today, blonde is edgier, more platinum and futuristic. Stars like Miley Cyrus, Sienna Miller, Lara Stone and Carmen Kass are making blonde more of a mod look again.”– Ronnie </i>

Iconic Blondes in Hair History

In celebration of the launch of Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner for Beautiful Color, we’re highlighting some of the most iconic blondes of the last century. We asked the Oribe Education Team to weigh in on which blondes have inspired them throughout the years, and some of their picks may surprise you. Click through the slides above to unveil their fair-haired muses—and maybe even kindle your own blonde ambition!
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