• Lead hairstylist Stefano Greco
  • Houghton Bride Spring/Summer 2015
  • Houghton Bride Spring/Summer 2015
  • Houghton Bride Spring/Summer 2015
  • Houghton Bride Spring/Summer 2015
  • Houghton Bride Spring/Summer 2015
  • Houghton Bride Spring/Summer 2015
  • Houghton Bride Spring/Summer 2015

Houghton Bride Spring/Summer 2015

Hair by Stefano Greco

“For ready-to-wear and bridal, the collections always go back to my namesake and the namesake of the brand, Katharine Houghton Hepburn,” explained Houghton designer Katharine Polk backstage at her bridal collection’s Spring/Summer 2015 presentation. Hepburn’s nontraditional attitude and independent spirit continue to provide inspiration for the designer’s nontraditional bride. “I always think, 'What would she get married in?'” Polk said. “I’m always trying to push the envelope, especially in bridal. This season I had a little more fun with it and went a bit sexier and edgier than normal. I looked to Kate Moss and the ’90s supermodel look, which is a lot of slinky gowns. I’m still sticking to the brand’s ethos, but I’ve done a lot more body-conscious looks.” Details like spaghetti straps, scoop necks and sheer fabrics—a signature of the designer’s— ran throughout the collection.

Hairstylist Stefano Greco created his own modern bridal look full of ’90s inspiration. “It’s really ’90s punkish cool hair,” Stefano said. “It’s not bridal; Katharine wanted something very relaxed. We’re doing natural texture with a really strong side part and volume at the top. Some of the girls will also get two braids on the side.”

“I’ve always loved that deep part with the flip in the front,” Katharine said, “but we took it a little further with the braids. I just love the contrast in the look, and I think it really modernizes the gowns.”

Get the look:
1. Starting with dry hair, create a low side part to the opposite side of your natural part.
2. For the braided look, take hair on parted side and divide into two sections. Mist hair with Foundation Mist and French braid each section to the head, following the curve of the ear all the way down to the base of the head. “The Foundation Mist helps to create a nice clean braid, but we also applied a small amount of Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste to the hair if it needed a bit more grip,” Stefano said. For a non-braid look, comb hair on parted side flat to the head and tuck behind the ear. Mist with Superfine Hair Spray to set hair in place.
3. For the hair on the opposite side of the part, apply a generous amount of Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse at the roots focusing on the top and crown area. Blow-dry product into hair using fingers or a brush to create lift at the root. If hair has a lot of texture, spray lengths with Foundation Mist and dry using a round brush.
4. After product has dried, mist the roots with Volumista Mist for Volume and blow-dry the product into hair using a Denman volumizing brush to create even more root lift. “This is a very old-fashioned brush. I think it’s what they used in the '90s to do this style of hair. It’s just great at creating a lot of volume,” Stefano said. The majority of the volume should be at the hairline, decreasing as you move back to the crown of the head.
5. If more height is needed, apply Dry Texturizing Spray directly to the roots and backcomb hair. Dry product into hair with a blow-dryer, then gently untease the hair with a brush.
6. Sweep lengths of hair to the opposite side of the part and mist with Après Beach Wave & Shine Spray. To make sure hair stays over the shoulder, loosely braid hair from the parted side from mid-lengths to ends and tuck under the rest of the hair. If your hair is naturally very straight, loosely braid the lengths of hair and mist with Superfine Hair Spray, then gently heat with a blow-dryer to set in a wave. The lengths should have a nice natural wave, but not too much volume.
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