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Heavy Metal

Start the spring season with healthy, beautiful hair by treating your tresses with Oribe’s newest product innovation, Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. In honor of our inaugural oil launch, we asked four of our favorite jewelry and accessory designers for their philosophy on the precious metal, their top gilded picks and what to rock them with this season.

This week, we’re featuring New York-based jewelry designer Chris Habana, who is known for designing bold, statement-making pieces donned by fashion icons like Nikki Minaj, Justin Bieber, and Parker Posey and graced the pages of V Magazine, Elle, i-D and Dazed and Confused. We asked the talented designer to give us a lesson in wearing gold jewelry the Chris Habana way—bold and fearless—and his thoughts on what sets it apart from the other metals.

What draws you to designing jewelry?

I appreciate designing jewelry because I can translate my ideas and themes into pieces that are layered, bold and provocative. However, due to their scale, they are still wearable. I get to make sculptural pieces that fit on someone’s ear, finger or neck.

What are your top three must-have gold pieces from your collection? Why?

The Cage Finger Brace, Fractal Skull Ring and Fractal Nose/Ear Cuff. These pieces are great because they bear my signature sculptural style and challenge customers to think twice about the traditional notion of what jewelry should be. The plating on the Fractal pieces look like liquid gold too, which I love.

What do you suggest wearing gold accessories with?

I am all about mixing and layering. Every piece from my collection is designed to work with every other piece.

What sets gold apart from other metals in your eyes?

Gold is definitely more regal than wearing something in black or silver tones. A piece set in gold elevates the design by its connotation.

In your opinion, how does wearing gold make people feel?

The opulence of gold makes wearing it feel special.

How would you recommend wearing gold as a guy?

I don't necessarily think in terms of men's vs. women's. Boys and girls should be able to wear whatever they want…and wear as much gold as possible!

How would you describe the Chris Habana guy or girl?

The Chris Habana customer is comfortable being on the outside of a dance circle but will always start the party off no matter what. Just make sure they don't crash into you.

How would the Chris Habana customer wear their hair on a date?

The Chris Habana girl would definitely add some pink tips—but she'll shave her head the day after.

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