Dec 5, 2012

Hairdressers Helping Hairdressers

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Mary Rector-Gable (, Reuben Carranza (P&G Professional) and Steve Sleeper (Professional Beauty Association) have joined forces with several top brands and talents for an incredible fundraiser on Sunday, December 9, in New York City. The Hairdressers Helping Hairdressers event will kick off with a morning of education, followed by an evening cocktail party and hair show featuring Oribe and other prominent hairdressers, such as Dimitrios Tsioumas, Alexandra Matiz, Ted Gibson, Ammon Carver, Anthony Cole and several more. All ticket sales and donations will go to the PBA Disaster Relief Fund to assist salons and stylist affected by the storm.

To purchase tickets for the event, click here.

To make a donation, click here.

To watch the LIVE webcase on Sunday night at 8pm, click here.
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