• Oribe Signature Cut by Coby Alcántar
  • <strong>Bombshell Blowout:</strong> “Don’t blow-dry when the hair is too wet. It dilutes the product, and you don't get a true result of what the product can do because it's unevenly distributed.”
  • <strong>Half Up Bardot:</strong> “When I create a voluminous style like this, I look for head shape, which we already have from the blowout. To create the bouffant, pull the hair from the sides tightly in at the back and weave a bobby pin in, up and over so the bumpy parts of the bobby pin are on the scalp.”
  • <strong>Double Crown Braid:</strong> Rather than creating a traditional rope crown, Coby opted for a double braid for a unique touch.

Hair Inspiration with Coby Alcántar

We asked Oribe Educator Coby Alcántar to take us through the Oribe Signature Cut and several ways to style it. "The philosophy behind the Signature Cut is all about circular section," said Coby. "You start out at the perimeter and, as you work around the head shape, you're slowly building into the center point of the crown." Find an Oribe salon to book an appointment for a Signature Cut and click through our slideshow to discover three ways to style it.

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