• Photographer: Shimon Karmel
<br><br />
Models: Christine and Jessa
  • Photographer: Shimon Karmel
<br><br />
Models: Christine and Jessa
  • Photographer: Shimon Karmel
<br><br />
Models: Christine and Jessa

"Hair Hats"

If you've seen Ross Kwan's latest shoot for Oribe, then you’ll be forgiven for thinking he’s been in the business for years. Despite being relativity new to hairdressing, Kwan has quickly gained a reputation for his unique cutting techniques and penchant for coloring. His avant-garde and directional styles even earned him a TV spot on Slice's “Superstar Hair Challenge.”

We caught up with Kwan to discuss how the classic 1920s aesthetic translated into short, edgy ‘dos in his recent editorial work for “Hair Hats.”

What was the inspiration for the shoot?

1920s flapper girls – and translating the beauty and simplicity of those shapes into hairstyles and hats.

Who helped the shoot come together?

The concept was put together by Dee Kane and me. The rest of the ideas were generated by the wardrobe stylist Krista Sung.

What mood were you going for?

Dark glamour. We wanted a sense of intimacy, [like when] you’re caught having a moment with yourself. Since we knew that the wardrobe was going to be lingerie with lots of see-through fabrics, we wanted the hair a bit darker with a strong structure.

What drew you to the models you cast?

We wanted girls with one bold feature. Christine caught our attention with her big eyes, and Jessa with her full lips. We had makeup in mind while we were casting.

What music was playing on the set?

Lady Gaga and Santigold.

What products did you use?

Dry Texturizing Spray and Superfine Hair Spray.

Any memorable moments?

Figuring out how to put the hair up and finalize the shapes. We took inspiration from the Giorgio Armani Fall 2010 show and kept the perimeter square and tight. Then, we wanted to play with the shapes, and we decided to use invisible hairnets to give us more control.

What are your fail-safe products for shoots?

Dry Texturizing Spray, Volumista and Superfine Hair Spray.


Hair by Dee Kane, Ross Kwan and Jade Ward for Lure Salon. Makeup by Eman Aziz. Photography by Shimon Karmel. Styling by Krista Sung. Models: Christine and Jessa.

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