• <b>Jenna Dewan</b><br><br />
Hair: Bridget Brager<br><br />
Oribe Products Used: Foundation Mist, Volumista, Royal Blowout, Soft Lacquer, Superfine, Imperméable
  • <b>Tina Fey</b><br><br />
Hair: Richard Marin<br><br />
Oribe Products Used: Crème for Style, Royal Blowout, Imperméable
  • <b>Eva Amurri</b><br><br />
Hair: Adriana Trevizo<br><br />
Oribe Products Used: Crème for Style, Superfine Strong
  • <b>Lea Michele</b><br><br />
Hair: Mark Townsend<br><br />
Oribe Product Used: Dry Texturizing Spray
  • <b>Mila Kunis</b><br><br />
Hair: Mara Roszak<br><br />
Oribe Product Used: Rough Luxury
  • <b>Zooey Deschanel</b><br><br />
Hair: Aaron Light<br><br />
Oribe Products Used: Royal Blowout, Dry Texturizing Spray, Superfine
  • <b>Sarah Paulson</b><br><br />
Hair: Danny Rishoff<br><br />
Oribe Product Used: Après Beach
  • <b>Michelle Pfeiffer</b><br><br />
Hair: Richard Marin<br><br />
Oribe Products Used: Maximista, Soft Lacquer, Dry Texturizing Spray<br />
  • <b>Nicky Hilton</b><br><br />
Hair: Adriana Trevizo<br><br />
Oribe Products Used: Crème for Style, Superfine Strong

Golden Moments: Showstopping Looks from the 2012 Golden Globes

The stars brought their glamorous best to the red carpet for Sunday night's 69th Annual Golden Globes ... and many got significant style help from Oribe Hair Care. Scroll through the looks above to see which products were featured in each celeb look, and read on for a complete step-by-step for Jenna Dewan's Old Hollywood waves.

Jenna Dewan

Hair by Bridget Brager

Standing out on the arm of Channing Tatum may seem like a difficult feat, but Jenna Dewan easily stole the spotlight from her heartthrob husband with her chic yet daring gown and her alluring waves. “Jenna exudes a soft glamour, and when she described her vision for her hairstyle as Young Hollywood elegance, I immediately started to pin and curl,” says her hairstylist, Bridget Brager. Here, Bridget tells us how she got the look:

1. I sprayed Foundation Mist on her damp hair and brushed it through.
2. Next, I added Volumista to the roots and Royal Blowout to the mid-lengths and ends—they’re a fab duo—and blow-dried, resulting in hair that was smooth but still had bounce and body.
3. I sprayed small sections of dry hair with Soft Lacquer, curled them with a 1-inch curling iron, then pinned them to set.
4. Once the hair had cooled, I removed the pins and loosened the curls by gently brushing through them with my Sonia Kashuk Gold Bristle Hair Brush, shaping them into a wave pattern.
5. Using Superfine, I brushed the left side back to show off her gorgeous earrings.
6. Finally, I finished with a quick spray of Imperméable to keep the moisture out of her waves.

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