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Heavy Metal

Start the spring season with healthy, beautiful hair by treating your tresses with Oribe’s newest product innovation, Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. In honor of our inaugural oil launch, we asked four of our favorite jewelry and accessory designers for their philosophy on the precious metal, their top gilded picks and what to rock them with this season.

This week, learn about CFDA-nominated jewelry line Gemma Redux, which means reconstructed gems in Latin. We asked Gemma Redux’s Neha Deshmukh to give us the brand’s perspective on gold (a primary metal in the collection) and what makes wearing it feel so special.

What are your top three must-have gold pieces from the Gemma Redux collection and why?

My top three must have gold pieces from the Gemma Redux Spring 2013 collection are the Raidne Gold Ankle Cuffs, Dacie Multi Finger Ring and the Onora Necklace. The ankle cuffs are incredibly unique and add sexiness to any pair of pumps, so you can customize multiple pairs of shoes as opposed to buying just one heel with a metal ankle strap. The Dacie Multi Finger Ring is a unique shape and looks edgy. I love the Onora Necklace because it’s feminine and demure but has a little street wear flair…

What would you suggest pairing gold accessories with?

Gold goes with everything. I love it with bright colors like red, purple and blue in the summer and a head-to-toe black look in the winter.

You mentioned gold is a primary metal at Gemma Redux. What sets gold apart from the other metals?

Gold is so versatile—it accentuates any skin tone and really adds a luxurious, rich element to any look.

Why does wearing gold make people feel so special?

I think gold feels richer and more expensive than other metals, thus making it more luxurious. It’s also one of the only metals that doesn’t tarnish or fade, making it timeless.

How would you describe the Gemma Redux girl?

The Gemma Redux girl lives the imperfectly perfect life: she eats what she loves, she wears what makes her feel beautiful, and she wears jewelry to add a touch of fantasy to her life.

How would the Gemma Redux girl wear her hair on a date?

The Gemma Redux girl would totally go with the flow and throw her hair up in something easy and slightly messy as she's running out the door, like a low chignon with some face-framing pieces.

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