"Fresh Young Stars of 2012"

Vanity Fair, March 2012
Hair by Oribe

For Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue, Oribe styled the 11 “Fresh Young Stars of 2012” featured on the tri-fold cover. “We did the shoot in just one day, focusing on one page at a time,” Oribe said, lauding the great actresses and behind-the-scenes team. “[Photographer] Mario Testino and the Vanity Fair stylist wanted all of the hair looks to be glamorous, but also wanted them all to be different.” Oribe noted that many of the looks were ‘30s-inspired, a trend he’s noticed this season. “Our products give the luster and control needed for glamorous hair,” he said. “You can make classic styles like these more modern by giving them a little personality.”

Get Rooney Mara’s look:
1. Apply Soft Lacquer to hair and flat iron. “The look was very sharp and a little weird,” Oribe said.

Get Jennifer Lawrence’s look:
1. For Lawrence’s “classic glam waves,” apply Soft Lacquer and curl hair with a 2-inch clipped iron.
2. Brush out curls and spray on Superfine for light hold that still allows for a lot of movement.

Get Mia Wasikowska’s look:
1. Apply new Supershine Light (coming soon) to platinum hair to add moisture without weighing the hair down.
2. To create “lots of power” in super short hair, use a curling iron to add waves to the hair and then brush out.
3. Use Superfine Strong to hold the sides back in place.

Get Jessica Chastain’s look:
1. Spray Soft Lacquer section by section and use a curling iron to create a pin curl set flat to the head.
2. Brush out the waves and apply Smooth Style Serum at the top for shine and light hold.

Get Elizabeth Olsen’s look:
1. Set hair in hot rollers for beautiful volume.
2. Use Impermèable to brush hair back just slightly off the face. “This provides a soft, shiny, moveable hold,” Oribe said.

Get Adepero Oduye’s look:
1. Blow dry hair with Royal Blowout. “Her hair was essentially an afro, so this gave it shine and control,” Oribe said.
2. Apply Curl by Definition, then pin curl the hair and sculpt into shape.

Get Shailene Woodley’s look:
1. Blow dry hair with Supershine to add moisture and luster.
2. Spray hair with Soft Lacquer and curl with a large-barrel iron.
3. Brush out, leaving waves around the temple and at the ends for movement.
4. Finish with Superfine.

Get Paula Patton’s look:
1. Layer Sculpting Cream and Original Pomade and flat iron to smooth and control the hair.
2. Make two braids and pin them into low “earmuffs” on either side. “This is an Elsa Schiaparelli-inspired look,” Oribe said. “It’s a highly stylized—but easy—hairdo."

Get Felicity Jones’ look:
1. Spray Imperméable all over dry hair and curl with a 2-inch curling iron.
2. Apply Après Beach to separate the curls and add hold with shine. “This was the softest of the looks,” Oribe said. “It was inspired by Clara Bow.”

Get Lily Collins’ look:
1. For this “Snow White” hair, apply Soft Lacquer, curl the hair and push it into the desired waves. “She reminded me of a young Liz Taylor,” Oribe said. “And she told me she liked me right away because I wore the same cologne as her dad [music icon Phil Collins].”

Get Brit Marling’s look:
1. Use Smooth Style Serum to provide hold and shape to the hair.
2. Brush it back into a soft bun in the back. “This look is reminiscent of Evita Peron,” Oribe said. “It’s classic and chic.”

To see a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, click here
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