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Frank Rizzieri

Frank Rizzieri has plenty to be proud of in the hairdressing community. He’s an internationally recognized runway hairstylist and the co-owner of Rsession Tools. He’s worked with countless celebrities and supermodels, and his work has graced the pages of top glossies including Vogue and W, just to name a few. As if that wasn’t enough, Rizzieri also has won the Global Salon Business Award and gotten a nod as the North American Hair Stylist of the Year.

We chatted with the CEO and creative director of the Rizzieri enterprise – which includes two award-winning salons and day spas, plus a school of cosmetology – about launching a business, staying inspired and keeping celebs happy.

How is working with a celebrity different from working with a model?

Working with a celebrity always has more pressure and focus on the outcome…depending on who it is and what his or her handler expects from you. But working with a model can be just as pressuring. It all depends on the magazine.

What made you start Rsession Tools?

My business partner, the celebrity hairstylist Kevin Ryan, and I collaborated after duct-taping tools together to achieve creative and original looks. We have quite a cult following of editorial hairstylists who love using the tools for the runway.

What are some of the best and the most challenging parts about co-founding a brand, versus developing a brand on your own?

Kevin and I work well together. We collaborate on design. Kevin trusts me when it comes to the business side. Even though there’s a difference in running salons and schools, I have a good understanding of the business, and the ups and downs of starting a new company.

What are some of your favorite Oribe products?

Dry Texturizing Spray, Supershine Moisturizing Cream, Volumista Mist for Volume, Foundation Mist and Gel Sérum.

Do you follow hair trends?

I follow runway trends, but I’m also one to be interested in fashion retail and architecture. I travel around the world, so I always have my eye out for what is cool and interesting. Today, we need a wealth of knowledge for our guests when they sit in our chair.

What’s one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you started your career?

Patience! Everything is a process and takes time.

Having had so many amazing career highlights, what keeps you inspired?

The people I work with everyday.

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