"Forma Perfetta"

Glamour Italia, April issue
Hair by Rodney Groves

An eating contest at a county fair might not seem like a place you’d find really beautiful hair, but hairstylist Rodney Groves proves differently in this spring fashion editorial he styled for the April issue of
Glamour Italia. “The inspiration was Marilyn Monroe meets Jane Russell,” Groves said of the ‘50s-inspired do.

Get the look:
1. Prep damp locks with Volumista Mist for Volume and blow-dry hair.
2. Use a one-inch curling iron to set the hair. To create the face-framing wave, set the front section to the side opposite of where your part will be.
3. Once hair has cooled, gently brush out the set with a Mason Pearson brush. Roll lengths of hair underneath and pin to create a rounded bob effect. Finish with a mist of Superfine Hair Spray to set the look.
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