• <b>Metropolis (1927)</b><br />
Set in 2027, Metropolis gave its protagonist, Maria’s Yoshiwara, a coif clad in stones and pulled up in an outlandish ’do. Her robot imposter had a brushed out ’20s bob.
  • <b>Things to Come (1936)</b><br />
Things to Come takes place in 2036 in underground cities formed after a 100-year-long battle. Catherine Cabal and boyfriend Horrie Passworthy are ready to help rebuild and try space travel. Both characters have hair that’s as a hard helmet—combed back with a slight curl at the nape of the neck.
  • <b>Captive Women (1952)</b><br />
In the black-and-white film Captive Women, post-apocalyptic New York City in the year 3000 is divided into three tribes fighting against one another. Staying true to the decade in which the film was shot, the women sport soft, shoulder-length roller-curls like sex symbols Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.
  • <b>Forbidden Planet (1956)</b><br />
Forbidden Planet was revolutionary for its special effects and its plot about life on another planet in the year 2220. The movie was every bit futuristic—except for the hair. Alta Morbius was a blonde with a ‘50s hairstyle, while Commander Adams kept his locks long in the front, so when swept back, they formed an Elvis-like pompadour.
  • <b>Planet of the Apes (1968)</b><br />
In Planet of the Apes, humans are no longer the top dogs; apes have become the dominant species by 2673. Linda Harrison’s character, Nova, had voluptuous hair (it’s almost as if <a href='/index.php/products/view/55' target='_parent'>Maximista</a> existed back then) that was long and unkempt to look primal.
  • <b>The Fifth Element (1997)</b><br />
Taking place in the mid-23rd century, The Fifth Element’s perfect human form has cropped, fire-orange hair and Bettie Page bangs. The evil Zorg sports a clear plastic cap with his sleek Mohawk pulled through the center and kept to one side. Ruby Rhod’s corn silk-colored hair is shaped into a long cylinder that protrudes from the front of his head.
  • <b>A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)</b><br />
A.I. Artificial Intelligence centers on a young robot boy wishing to be real. In his journey to become human, he runs into a Barbie-and-Ken-like duo, Gigolo Jane and Gigolo Joe, in the year 2142. Joe’s sculpted hair is never out of place and Jane has a cool, two-toned, purple and blue coif that hangs just below her chin.
  • <b>The Hunger Games (2012)</b><br />
Although The Hunger Games is set in 2200, the people in the 12 districts have seemly average, non-futuristic hair. Many girls are in simple braids, including main character Katniss’ coveted side braid. However, once in the Capitol, elaborate hair is in abundance. Effie Trinket graces us with three pastel colored wigs, whereas Caesar Flickerman dons an ocean blue pompadour and ponytail throughout. The Head Gamemaker, Seneca Crane, has an intricately shaved beard.

Flash Forward

Science fiction movies often provide us with a glimpse into the future, offering an imaginative look at the way people live hundreds of years down the road. Because screenwriters, directors, set designers and the wardrobe, hair and makeup teams are not bound by current trends or historical references, they have the freedom to be bold and creative in their predictions, leading to some truly unique and memorable images on screen.

In celebration of Fiber Groom and its advanced, new age technologies, we gathered some of our favorite futuristic film styles from the past 90 years. From frizzy pastel tufts to slicked-back helmet head hair, many of the sci-fi hairstyles we uncovered are truly original and inspired. Others, however, seem to “predict” that hair won’t change much.

Scroll through the slideshow above for a journey through time—and hair.

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