• <b>Liv Marsico, jazz drummer</b><br><br />
<b>What’s your personal style?</b> It really all depends on my mood and if I'm playing a gig that day. When I play, I usually like to have something really comfortable on. Jeans or a dress with tights underneath. I've been wearing lots of Elkin these days. They are my favorite.<br><br />
<b>What’s your pre-show beauty/hair routine?</b> I have ridiculously long hair, so often when I'm playing, it ends up falling down if I throw it up in a bun. I have no choice but to keep playing even if its in my way. This can be a bit overwhelming.
  • <b>Which musician has the best hair?</b> Gaslamp Killer <br> <br />
<b>What inspires you?</b> The music of those I really admire <br> <br />
<b>Favorite female rock anthem:</b> Kind of Blue <br> <br />
<b>Best drummer of all time:</b> Elvin Jones<br> <br />
<b>Best drum solo</b> Elvin Jones on John Coltrane's 'Pursuance'<br />
  • <b>Rebecca DeRosa, Crazy Pills</b><br><br />
<b>What’s your personal style?</b> I tend to wear very low-maintenance clothes most of the time, but for shows, my bandmates and I like to dress up. Sometimes we'll all wear polka dots or animal prints and we'll make our hair big and crazy. It's fun!<br><br />
<b>What’s your pre-show beauty/hair routine?</b> I like to wear a lot of eye makeup, and we usually tease our hair into a kind of beehive, although I'm also fond of wearing my hair pinned back on one side.<br><br />
<b>What musician has the best hair?</b> I love Joan Jett. She usually has great hair (except for that regrettable blond phase). <br> <br />
<b>What inspires you?</b> I'm inspired by the wonderful people who volunteer at the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls. Many of them have become dear friends and collaborators.  <br />
  • <b>Fernanda Fight, The Nervosa</b> (thrash band made up of women from San Paolo, Brazil)<br><br />
<b>What's your personal style?</b> Hardcore <br><br />
<b>What inspires you?</b> My music, my fans and my idols<br><br />
<b>Which musician has the best hair?</b> Brody Dalle from Distillers
  • <b>Favorite female rock anthem:</b> Girls Just Wanna Have Fun<br><br />
<b>Best drummer of all time:</b> Dave Lombardo<br><br />
<b>Pre-gig beauty routine:</b> I wash and I comb
  • <b>LaFrae Sci, The Scenic Route</b> (blues) <br><br />
<b>What's your pre-show beauty/hair routine?</b> I have naturally curly hair...I let it 'do what it do'<br><br />
<b>Any unique pre-concert rituals?</b> I do 20 pushups<br><br />
<b>What musician has the best hair?</b> My favorite French Tunisian percussionist based in Paris, Narjess Saad<br><br />
<b>Who's the best drummer of all time?</b> Animal from 'The Muppet Show'<br />
<br />
<br />
  • <b>Patricia 'Twink' Little, Mambo Sauce</b><br><br />
<b>What’s your personal style?</b> I don't consider myself 'stylish.'  I wear what I like and sometimes what I don't like depending on what I can afford. I'm a starving artist.....the thrift store is heaven to me! <br><br />
<b>What’s your pre-show beauty/hair routine?</b> I've been wearing a french braid with a swoop or curls in the front for the past 4 years. I just recently cut my hair in May, and now I'm rocking a small bush.<br><br />
<b>Favorite female rock anthem:</b> 'I am Woman' by Helen Reddy and Beyonce's 'Who Runs the world'
  • <b>What musician has the best hair?</b> Questlove......DUH! And his hair accessory (the afro pick) rocks! I don't know how he keeps his pick from falling out of his hair when he drums; I can barely keep my glasses on when I drum. <br><br />
<b>What inspires you?</b> People, music, life, food<br><br />
<b>Can you drum as fast as Mike Mangini?</b> The question should be, 'Is Mike Mangini as fast as ME?' Just kidding. Heck No. I don't even think 1,203 strokes is humanly possible. Is he human?
  • <b>Caryn Havlik, Mortals</b> (metal band) and <b>Clinical Trials</b> (pop-grunge duo) <br><br />
<b>What’s your pre-show beauty/hair routine?</b> I use drum parts grease as anti-frizz and let my hair down from whatever smoky/sweaty/crusty ponytail/bun it has been in all day...and that's IF I get a shower<br><br />
<b>Any unique pre-concert rituals?</b> Changing into special running shorts so that I get less swamp-assy...<br><br />
<b>What musician has the best hair?</b> I don't really tend to notice musicians for their hair, but Janelle Monae wins.<br><br />
<b>What inspires you?</b> People who are open-minded, enthusiastic, sharing and curious.<br><br />
<b>Best drums solo:</b> Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche's solo arrangement of the Balinese Monkey Chant<br />
<br />
  • <b>Cici Harrison, Heliotropes</b><br><br />
<b>What’s your personal style?</b> I'm a tomboy, so I like male-inspired clothing. My color palette is mostly black, but I like to throw in accents of bright color. You'll always see me wearing my leather jacket. But when I'm drumming I have to have my arms free, so I never wear long sleeves or anything on my wrists. Sometimes I even drum barefoot.<br><br />
<b>Best drummer of all time:</b> I don't think there is any 'best' drummer - every drummer is different. I grew up listening to drummers I don't listen to now, but that's the beauty of music: It's infinite and, as you change throughout your life you can find music that speaks to you at that given moment.<br />
  • <b>What’s your pre-show beauty/hair routine?</b> I'm very physical when I'm drumming, so I always play with my hair down so it's in my face and waving around while I rock out. I put on 'war paint' sometimes, which is basically two red stripes on my cheek. I use water crayons.<br> <br />
<b>What musician has the best hair?</b> Anthony Kiedis comes to mind. I also have to give a shout-out to the men of Weird Owl and their lead singer, Trevor Tyrell. He has the best hair I've seen live on stage. <br />
  • <b>Sandra Vu, Dum Dum Girls and SISU</b><br><br />
<b>What's your personal style?</b> I like to mix basics and punctuate with vintage. Generally I'm drawn to more classic and simple shapes, often geometric or angular as opposed to flowery and girly.<br><br />
<b>What inspires you?</b> I love it when I see a band that kicks yours in the butt, technically and creatively. It keeps me on my toes.<br><br />
<b>What musician has the best hair?</b> If we're talking about drummers, Cindy Blackman's got the best...usually big and natural. She played in Lenny Kravitz' band, but she is a well-respected rock and jazz drummer in her own right.<br />
 <br />
  • <b>What’s your pre-show beauty/hair routine?</b> I was born with that stubbornly straight Asian hair, but with a slight wave, which makes for very low maintenance. My hair usually looks better after a show when its been tossed around while I drum. I usually have a fan, which adds quite a bit of drama, like I'm in a shampoo commercial. It's sort of ridiculous, but I really have it to keep cool under the hot stage lights.<br><br />
<b>Favorite female rock anthem:</b> 'Bad Reputation' by Joan Jett. She's the queen of rock anthems. I particularly like that one because it was the theme song to my favorite TV show, 'Freaks & Geeks.'<br><br />
<b>Best drummer of all time:</b> Jaki Liebezeit of Can and Earl Palmer.<br />
  • <b>Maia Ibar, TEEN</b><br><br />
<b>What’s your personal style?</b> I usually try to imitate what my mom was wearing in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. I even wear some of her old stuff today that I repair. I always wear my basque ring and my necklace with all my grandmother's totems on it which gives me a force.<br><br />
<b>Any unique pre-concert rituals?</b> I usually put a little bit of lavender or oils in my palms, rub them together, and breathe in a color/light to the stars and breathe out anxiety into the roots of the earth to ground. Oh yeah, then I get a vodka soda, smoke a cigarette and our band hugs and kisses one another for luck and strength. <br><br />
<b>What musician has the best hair?</b> A lot of musicians have good hair, but I'd have to go with David Bowie or Amy Winehouse<br />
  • <b>Kiran Gandhi, L.A.-based percussionist</b><br><br />
<b>What’s your personal style?</b><br><br />
<b>Any unique pre-concert rituals?</b> Dancing crazily to Thievery Corporation before I play<br><br />
<b>What musician has the best hair?</b> Kim Thompson, drummer for Beyonce<br />
  • <b>What inspires you?</b> Fela Kuti - the way his music was so cleverly political and sexual and emotional and soulful and rhythmic...<br><br />
<b>Favorite female rock anthem:</b> Composure by Warpaint<br><br />
<b>Best drummer of all time:</b> Chris Brien (Australia) <br><br />
<b>Best drums solo:</b> Cindy Blackman playing with Lenny Kravitz<br><br />
<b>Can you drum as fast as Mike Mangini?</b> Speed is not the's soul! I got some soul!<br />
Nov 22, 2011


In the Groove

Drumming may be a profession dominated by men, but the women who take to the drums have an allure and an appeal all their own. With the help of Tom Tom Magazine, we found a group of up-and-coming female percussionists who truly rock. We talked to them about their favorite musicians, what inspires them, their personal style and beauty regimens and much more.
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