Evan Rachel Wood: Critics' Choice Awards 2012

Hair by Marcus Francis

For the Critics’ Choice Awards on January 12, 2012, celebrity stylist Marcus Francis created a fun and fresh look for The Ides of March star Evan Rachel Wood. “I went for something pretty different from what we normally do,” Francis said. “With the strong black silhouette of Evan’s dress, I wanted to make the hair a little lighter and give it a flirty feel.” Here’s how he got the look:

1. I prepped Evan’s towel-dried hair with Foundation Mist, followed by Maximista Thickening Spray.
2. I rough-dried her hair with my hands, building the texture until it had a thick feel to it.
3. I then created large horizontal sections, starting on the sides, and smoothed them out with a styling putty. I twisted the pieces upward, which helps you follow the cheekbone and really opens up the face. Having five or so large twisted sections felt balanced but unplanned. I discreetly secured each twist with ½-inch bobby pins, tucking in any ends.
4. I finished the look with Superfine Strong Hair Spray.

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