Evan Rachel Wood at the Tribeca Film Festival

Evan Rachel Wood at the Tribeca Film Festival
Hair by Christopher Naselli

Evan Rachel Wood was chic and glowing on the red carpet at last night’s Vanity Fair Tribeca Film Festival kick-off party. “For this event, we wanted a glamorous, fun look that was youthful with the right amount of elegance,” said her hairstylist, Christopher Naselli. Naselli tells us how he used Oribe products to achieve her stunning style:

1. Prep damp hair with Foundation Mist and apply Gold Lust from roots to end for a smooth, shiny blowout.
2. Create a deep side part and use Gel Sérum to slick the top and side sections away from the face, and tuck them neatly behind the ears. Secure with a few clips.
3. Take sections from behind the ears and back and spray then with Soft Lacquer, then wrap them around a ¾-inch curling iron. Set the curls and let them cool.
4. Once hair has cooled, undo the set and gently brush out each curl. Use hands to form curls into the desired shape.
5. Finish with Superfine for hold and Shine for incredible luster.
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