Dolores Cortes

Dolores Cortes, 2014 Swim Week
Hair by Sonia Castleberry

The new collection from Barcelona-based swimwear line Dolores Cortes brought a mix of jungle love and rock ‘n’ roll to Miami at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, with designs featuring bright tropical patterns and heavy metal accents. “For the hair, we were inspired by this year’s Met Gala,” said lead hairstylist Sonia Castleberry, who used a selection of Oribe products to achieve the braided, teased and embellished style. “The edgy, punk look is trending this season.”

Get the Look:
1. After rough-drying the hair, create a side part from the center of the eyebrow straight down to the nape. Section off the side with the part.
2. Apply Rock Hard Gel to the sectioned portion and create a few small cornrow-style braids.
3. Spray Dry throughout the rest of the hair, concentrating on the roots, to create texture and volume. Back-comb the hair at the root for even more lift.
4. Finish with Superfine Strong for lasting hold.
5. If desired, embellish the look with jewelry, using the braids as an anchor to pin in chains.
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