Daniella Kallmeyer

Hair by Kien Hoang for Oribe Hair Care

“Imagine if Tilda Swinton and Katherine Hepburn went skiing together in the Alps,” said Kien Hoang, lead stylist for Oribe Hair Care, referring to the inspiration behind the hair for Daniella Kallmeyer’s Fall/Winter 2013 presentation. The hair, which had a slightly androgynous feeling, looked as if the models had just spent a long day on the slopes and ripped off their hats to reveal a sweaty yet beautifully disheveled mess of hair.

How to achieve the look:
1. Apply Crème for Style throughout hair and Superfine Strong to the roots.
2. Brush hair back and off the face, using Superfine Strong to smooth the sides of the hair back.
3. Spray hair liberally with Royal Blowout from roots to ends.
4. Take a flat iron and crimp different sections of hair from roots to ends in order to create texture.
5. Take ends of hair and tie up into a bun to give the hair more texture.
6. Finish hair with more Royal Blowout so that it’s super shiny and wet-looking.
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