Dan Nguyen

From a young age, Dan Nguyen knew he wanted to be a hair stylist. Initially practicing on his mother, friends, family and anyone he could get his hands on, Dan worked on his styling skills every chance he got. At age fifteen, Dan started volunteering at a posh Vancouver salon until he was old enough to be hired. In 2007, he opened LURE Salon in Vancouver, Canada with business partner Linda Refosco. Since then, Dan’s career has taken off. Having won the last Modern Salon portfolio contest and styled Victoria’s Secret Angels, Dan has been adding many A-list gigs to his resume. We talked to Dan about his exciting career, tricks of the trade and future goals for the talented stylist.

What was the inspiration behind the shoot you did for the Modern Salon portfolio contest?

My inspiration was an Italian Gothic Carnival with Helmut Newton lighting and 60’s Pop Art colors.

Do you have a signature style (for hair)?

Sexy. Whether it’s glamorous or edgy, there’s no better compliment than when the person in your chair says, “I feel sexy/ beautiful!”

What’s one styling rule you never ignore?

A rule I never ignore is face shape and hairline. I believe these must be respected in order to achieve “I feel beautiful".

Any rules you break?

I believe once you have a strong foundation and respect the fundamentals...many rules can be broken! Also I truly believe in challenging myself to break out my comfort zone on a daily basis so that I’m continuing to learn and keep things fresh.

What is your favorite Oribe product?

I’m a bit of a hair product mixologist. I love mixing different Oribe products because they work so well together. It’s difficult to pick one, but as an individual product I’d say Dry Texturizing Spray or Crème for Style.

What was it like working with the Victoria’s Secret Angels?

Loads of fun! Gorgeous women and a beautiful locale made for an easy day of work. It’s not difficult making them look good!

How do you come up with the different ideas for your shoots?

Once I’ve encountered something visually that has piqued my interest, it unleashes a wave of inspiration! I do a ton of research!

How are the looks you create for photo shoots different than what you create in the salon?

It’s a different medium and I’m always intrigued how it reads behind the lens. Sometimes, it’s an opportunity to create without restraints. Also I’ve been doing a lot more wig work on shoots which I’m in love with! Oribe reinvigorated my love for wigs.

Who is your dream client?

Madonna, hands down.

What is a career goal of yours you have yet to accomplish?

To be published in Vogue! Paris, Italian, British and of course American. I’d love to work with Mert & Marcus and the two Stevens…Meisel & Klein.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Never stop learning.

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