Custo Barcelona

Hair by Duffy for Oribe Hair Care

The direction from Custo Dalmau of Custo Barcelona to lead hairstylist Duffy for Oribe Hair Care was simply a childhood story: Beauty and the Beast. From this inspiration, Duffy created a look that played on the contrasting figures of this enchanting fable. “There’s a real juxtaposition in the hair: soft and hard, light and dark, shiny and matte textures,” Duffy said. The final result was a head divided by a narrow French braid that evolved into two contrasting textures of hair. The look lent itself well to a collection that was full of opposing fabrics, patterns and silhouettes.

How to achieve this look:
1. Separate out a quarter-inch section of hair starting at the forehead moving back to the nape of the neck from the center of the head.
2. Saturate this section of hair with Maximista and French braid hair tightly to the scalp from the front to the back.
3. Spray the rest of the hair liberally with Maximista from the roots to the ears and comb hair flat to the head. (Note from Duffy: Maximista is a great product to use for this style because it is quick drying and strong. As Maximista dries, it adds grip to the hair, making braiding a lot easier. It is also malleable so it allows you to work with the hair)
4. Take ends of hair and knot up into loose buns to add texture.
5. Undo buns and spray ends with Dry.

For the boys
1. Wash hair with Signature Shampoo and Conditioner.
2. Spray hair liberally with Maximista at roots and drag through the rest of the hair.
3. Once hair dries, break up pieces with fingers.
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