Nov 21, 2011

Cream Hair & Makeup Lounge - Madison

With three locations of Cream Hair & Makeup Lounge, husband and wife duo Curtis and Mel Adams have built a small salon empire in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada. The newest space is the Madison salon, nestled within the city of Kelowna’s bustling Cultural District, which opened in September 2010. We caught up with Mel and got her take on the salon’s look and feel.

How would you describe your salon’s design?

It feels to me like a salon fit for a queen with an ambience of a Buddha.

How did you come up with your vision?

Our vision started out on graph paper, like they always do. As soon as I picked the color, things just started flowing. We wanted sophistication and class. We wanted flow and comfort. I believe we achieved just that.

What feeling are you trying to convey to your clients?

The feeling that they are friends coming into my home.

Describe the neighborhood you’re in.

It’s called the Cultural District, and it’s filled with artsy ma and pa shops, museums, a library and a dance hall. It’s definitely the cool place to be.

How does the design reflect you?

We love clean modern décor; if you came to our house, you'd see it’s similar to the salon’s in taste. My specialty is making things look expensive on a very modest budget.

What’s your favorite part of the salon?

My favorite thing about the salon is that my husband works there…That was cheesy, I know... I also love the desk my father-in-law custom-made for me.

Other than the physical design of the space, how do you create “atmosphere” in the salon?

I have music guru who makes Cream-y mixes on our iPod. We play only fashion television on our big screen, and our books are current edgy magazines (the pricey ones) .

If you could have a fashion designer create uniforms for your salon, who would it be?

Alexander McQueen, for sure (shoes too). Also Betsey Johnson (my dog is named after her!).

What are customers’ first reactions when they enter your salon?

HOLY $#%+, it’s beautiful in here!

Do you serve food/alcohol in your salon?

We serve high-end loose leaf teas from a local tea house called Chai Baba. We have a Cream Menu that allows clients to view the tea selection, as well as other stuff about the salon. We also serve coffee and water. Around Christmas time, we have been known to have a stash of rum and eggnog, as well as coffee and Baileys!
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