Connie Britton at the Fragrance Foundation Awards 2013

Hair by Christopher Naselli

Connie Britton radiated beauty on the red carpet at last night’s 2013 Fragrance Foundation Awards in New York City. Hairstylist Christopher Naselli showcased the
Nashville star’s gorgeous hair with a sideswept style full of sexy waves and rich texture. "Tonight was about the perfect fragrance and the allure of beauty,” Naselli said. “We chose a sexy and elegant style that exemplifies this perfectly: an asymmetrical, wavy ponytail that instantly pulls you in and embraces Connie's flawless neckline. To get this perfect look, you have to use perfect beauty products, like the Oribe Hair Care line I used on Connie tonight. Without a doubt, Connie is one of the most beautiful and elegant women I've had the great pleasure to work with. She defines beauty inside and out."

Here are Christopher’s tips for recreating the look:
1. Prep damp hair with Foundation Mist and apply a few drops of Gold Lust from roots to ends for a smooth, silky blowout.

2. Create a side part. Take 2-inch sections and spray with Soft Lacquer. Wrap each section around a 1.5-inch curling iron, twisting each section counter-clockwise around the barrel and leaving the ends out for more natural movement.

3. Once the hair has been curled, mist with Thick Dry Finishing Spray and lightly comb hair with a wide tooth comb to create amazing texture and to break up the waves.

4. Pull hair over to the right shoulder and secure with an elastic to create a low side ponytail, leaving out the fringe and a few soft pieces around each ear to give a softer feel.

5. Spray ponytail with Thick Dry Finishing Spray, giving one last tease to lock in waves and texture.

6. Finish with Superfine for hold and Shine for incredible luster.
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