"The Voice"

V Magazine, September 2012
Photographer: Sebastian Faena

For a feature in the September issue of V Magazine, Oribe helped Celine Dion soften up a bit. “It was so nice to give her a relaxed style,” Oribe said. “There’s something so fresh about her undone look.” Oribe started off by giving the singer a versatile cut and making it “a little French” with the fringe. “The cut is really precise—the messiness makes it very modern.” Here’s how to get her soft texture:

1. Depending on your hair type, apply Crème for Style (fine-to-medium hair) or spray Royal Blowout (medium-to-thick or coarse hair).
2. Turn head upside down and dry with your fingers. “Don’t worry about making it super sleek or perfect,” Oribe says.
3. Use Dry to create additional texture where needed.
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