Oribe Campaign 2016

With an A-list creative team on the docket and the industry’s most powerful products on set, Oribe’s recent photo shoot represents a new visual direction for the brand. In order to mark this evolutionary moment, the stellar squad—comprised of Oribe Global Ambassador James Pecis, renowned fashion photographer Richard Burbridge and esteemed creative director Alex Wiederin—captured impactful, iconic images that will forever change the hair campaign game.

The shoot produced avant-garde portraits that exude a sense of modern, effortless style with aspirational and attainable undertones—the models' faces are covered or turned away from the camera so the viewer can focus solely on the hiar. “We all left the shoot feeling like we did something special that day,” said James. “The hair and fashion industries are evolving, and because Oribe is a leader in the game, we need to stay progressive.”

The collaborative process between the artists and Oribe Co-President Daniel Kaner was integral in the success of bringing something new to life. And while staying true to the loyal #oribeobsessed audeince was at the forefront, it was also important to elicit a response from a new dialed-in and diverse market. “We selected the models very carefully,” said Alex, who currently holds the title of Executive Design Director of Town & Country Magazine. “We wanted to feature all types of hair colors, lengths and textures. These images bring everything together so that the Oribe customer has a better understanding of the brand and can further identify with these products.”

Discover Oribe Hair Care's newest imagery below, including select behind-the-scenes shots—the only time you will catch a glimpse of our stunning models' faces. 

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