"Candice Swanepoel"

Elle UK, December 2013
Hair by Romina Manenti

The gorgeous Candice Swanepoel showed off sexy platinum blonde locks for
Elle UK’s December 2013 cover. “This hair is the ultimate winter look for the downtown Manhattan woman,” hairdresser Romina Manenti said of the intentionally messy style. “I wanted to create character in the hair from the roots up.” Romina created hold at the root for effortless volume and kept the ends flexible to allow for movement. “The products I used helped me to achieve an antistatic texture, which is essential to maintaining the perfect look all day long.”

Get the look:
1. Starting on dry hair, brush strands in every direction with a Mason Pearson to wake up the roots and energize the hair, then mist Shine Light Reflecting Spray on the lengths to add flexibility and strength.
2. Divide hair into two-inch sections and spray roots with Thick Dry Finishing Spray, then lightly apply through the lengths of hair.
3. Flip head over and use a blowdryer to blast roots with cool air. “This helps to achieve the undone-yet-done volume,” Romina said.
4. Create a natural side part. Pin hair on parted side behind the ear making sure to hide the pins in the hair. “This keeps the side flat so the final look is more modern and finished,” Romina said.
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