Hair by Ramona Eschbach for Oribe Hair Care

It was all bright colors and bold prints at Calla Hayne’s Fall/Winter 2013 presentation at Milk Studios. “This season was a lot more sophisticated and less girly than previous collections, so Calla wanted the hair to reflect that change,” said lead hairstylist Ramona Eschbach for Oribe Hair Care. The resulting style was, quite literally, a twist on a conventional ponytail. Ramona coiled a piece of hair and twisted the entire ponytail before it was folded up into a loop to create even more interest.

How to achieve this look:
1. Prep hair with Foundation Mist and part low on one side.
2. Apply Crème for Style to hair at the sides of the head and smooth back with fingers into a low loose ponytail, leaving a section of hair out in the front.
3. Take front section of hair and lift with fingers using a blowdryer to create some volume in the front that is square in shape.
4. Pull section of hair back, twisting the length of the hair, and add to the ponytail.
5. Take ponytail and twist, then turn up into a loop and tie with an elastic.
6. Finish hair with Imperméable for soft hold.
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