Vogue Latin America, January 2014
Hair by Yannick d’Is

Legendary hairstylist Yannick d’Is looked to the voluminous styles of the ‘60s as inspiration for this fashion spread in the January issue of
Vogue Latin America. “It’s a slightly boyish look,” Yannick said of the style. “The volume is directed in a more oval shape compared to the ‘60s period. This new volume makes the style more contemporary; it’s just a matter of size and shape.” Yannick also tied the lengths of the model’s hair into a low ponytail to update the classic style.

Get the look:
1. Starting with damp hair, spray sections with Volumista Mist for Volume and blowdry hair with a round brush until it is 80 percent dry.
2. Take sections of hair and mist with Thick Dry Finishing Spray, then hit with the blowdryer again.
3. Create a low part to one side and tease hair at the root around the crown and entire top of head for exaggerated volume. Tie lengths of hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck with an elastic.
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