Hair by Duffy for Oribe Hair Care

Drawing inspiration from traditional Amish clothing with a sophisticated New York twist, Brood designer Serkan Sarier showed an exceptional collection of sleek tailored outerwear and whimsical dresses in a geometric floral print that would appeal to any girl. Keeping the Amish reference in mind, lead hairstylist Duffy for Oribe Hair Care decided to create a hairstyle that resembled a bonnet. “The hair is really organic, earthy, raw and natural,” said Duffy of the style during the presentation at the Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel. The updo of repeating hair twists surrounded by a crown of braided textured hair feels equally as at home in the countryside as at New York Fashion Week.

How to achieve the look:
1. Spray hair liberally with Dry from roots to ends.
2. Part the hair down the middle from front to back to create two separate sections of hair.
3. Take a two-inch section of hair from the front of both sides of the head, starting from the part all the way down to the ears, and separate from the rest of the hair.
4. French braid the hair loosely to the scalp from the center part down to each ear, then fishtail the ends. Let the braids hang in front of the head as you do the back.
5. For the remaining hair, starting at the front, take a half-inch section of hair in your hand and hold vertically out from the head. Twist hair back on itself as if you are creating a small French twist with the ends of the hair pointing down. Pin the twist at the top so it lies flat to the head with the ends of the hair hanging out of the twist at the bottom.
6. Take the ends from the first twist and add to the next section of hair. Continue making twists that line around the crown of the head meeting at the part in the center.
7. Repeat the twists on the other side of the head meeting in the middle. Twist any loose ends into the back of the hair and pin.
8. Take the braids from the front and rough up with your hands, pulling on the strands to create looseness.
9. Bring braids around the head, covering the ears. Tie together at the nape of the neck with an elastic. Tuck ends of hair into the back and pin out of sight.
10. Refine the front of the hair by spraying with Superfine or Maximista (Maximista is better for fine hair) and diffuse the product into the hairline with a blowdryer.
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