"Britney Spears"

Women’s Health, January/February 2015
Hair by Lorenzo Martin

The iconic hair of ’80s supermodels inspired hairstylist Lorenzo Martin for Britney Spears’ new
Women’s Health cover. He gave Spears tousled volume using generous amounts of Thick Dry Finishing Spray. Martin’s mantra during the shoot? “More is more!”

Get the Look:
1. Use Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray on damp hair.
2. Blow-dry with a large round brush. Set the hair in Velcro rollers for a half hour.
3. While taking out the rollers, tease the hair section by section and spray it with Thick Dry Finishing Spray.
4. Flip the head upside down and tousle the hair while applying more Thick Dry Finishing Spray.
5. Flip the head back and pull the hair over to one side. Apply more Thick Dry Finishing Spray for your desired volume.
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