Jan 10, 2012


"Big Hair is Back!"

Rachel's Bombshell Hair

Rachel McAdams' 'do is a nod to Brigitte Bardot's signature coif. The sultry look is great if you want to try an oversize half-updo without looking like a beauty queen. To get this look, start with 80 percent damp hair and work in mousse to build body. Blow out hair, drying in sections with a big round brush. Don't worry if it gives your hair a ton of bounce — that's the point! Next, take a three-inch section of hair from above your forehead, and place the brush underneath while blowing hair back with the nozzle pointing down (this creates the best volume). Then pin this front hair into a mini bouffant using bobby pins. To finish the look, add texturizing spray to just the ends for a fresh twist on a classic hairstyle.

Featured Product: Dry Texturizing Spray
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